From Childhood people are habituated to listen that doctors are next to God, and the medical line is a noble profession; so, many students start to dream of to becoming a doctor. At the last step of their schooling they decide to take this noble profession as their career. It is also true that they can get everything like respect, money, name and fame and what not. In return society expects from them compassion, dexterity, brilliance in academic line or the passion for their profession. Then only a doctor can achieve real success. In general, every student’s dream is to select a good career. A lot of students plan to go in the line for medicine or healthcare. If they follow these effective and proven strategies that are provided, here they can get the best chances to crack AIPMT 2016.

Information through Web Sites

Students interested for medical line can avail internet services; there they can get enough information of AIPMT news online. They can get AIPMT 2016 latest news the sample questions of the previous years online. They can get the kind of questions which are likely to come in the entrance examinations, and so, on the basis of it they can prepare themselves. They can nurture their skills they possess so that they can do well in the medical examinations and flourish in their medical occupation. The students should prepare themselves from classes 11 and 12 because after passing out of school they will get very less time. This last two years of school life is the peak time to get ready for the competitive exams like AIPMT syllabus. Here are given some strategies which will be fruitful for students if they follow it.

  • They should enroll their name online forums for the preparations of medical entrance examinations. The students can get information about AIPMT age limit, AIPMT answer key etc
  • Should follow the latest syllabus, should be updated of the expected format, and information of AIPMT and AFMC.
  • Should collect previous years question papers and their solutions, should practice multiple choice question paper
  • Should take online courses and consultancy sessions so that they can stay abreast of the syllabus and in-depth knowledge
  • Should be habituated  to combat issues like examinations phobia, and stress of the subject matter preparations

Preparation for Medical Examinations

Students who are interested in medical line must take special care of Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics and should get the information of AIPMT form or the information of the date of AIPMT counseling. Only get good marks in these subjects will not do. The students must prepare vigorously of these subjects.  The students can come to know about AIPMT exam or when the AIPMT admit card will be given. They can appear for the All India Pre-Medical or Pre-Dental Medical Entrance Test. Time management, is an important part for the preparation of medical test. The main challenge is the time and the students have to finish the papers within stipulated times. Apart from time management their individual caliber is also needed. Often it is noticed that students spend much time for a single part or single question or for a single subject and runs out of time. So time management is crucial role to play in medical test preparation.

Solving Previous Year Papers

It is a good strategy for the students to solve the previous year’s question papers. There are no such changes in the pattern of the question papers so when the children practice these questions they prepare themselves in mental level and face the exams without any nervousness. The AIPMT papers normally are given in English and Hindi both languages. Students should prepare for two stages of entrance examination as a consequence two different stages for the screening.

There are negative markings too in the question papers. Students will be rewarded if the answer is correct and for wrong answer one-third marks will be deducted. Students should avoid the suggestions which is befitting for the medical students. Students should always keep in mind that after passing out of this exams or cracking medical entrance test they would deal with living beings. Being medical students they should not go for shortcut method. They should learn thoroughly the subjects.

Fear and Anxious Should be Avoided

Medical students must not have the fear in their mind. A student of medical science should not be scared, rather should be full of confidence. A doctor would give confidence to the patient so the doctor should show his confidence. Anxiety can put the doctor’s career at risk so students should avoid anxiety.