In terms of exercise, some people jog. Some people lift. Some people play sports. Some people have sex. Out of these options, we all know what most people would choose, and it’s not jogging. What most people see as the objective for a bachelor’s night out, a Valentine’s Day surprise, or a great birthday present, can also be seen as healthy activity for the body. The question is, should you be buying running shoes or condoms?


Well let’s start at the beginning; you’re not just jumping into the sack right off the bat. Even the greatest don knows you rev the engine before you hit the autobahn. So lets open with the obvious first step, kissing. While you may think tongue flicks and face friction are minimal movements, you’ll be surprised to learn that it actually burns 68 calories an hour.

That’s right, that passionate embrace you’ve been sharing with your partner has also been burning off that Egg McMuffin you had for breakfast. Even more than that, any elevation from kissing to making out jumps the calorie burning to 238 calories per half-hour. So the sloppier your lip smacking, the more donuts you can eat.

Let’s continue the gateway activities to sex with a small one, getting undressed. A small activity sure, but it burns around 8 calories. So tack that on to your night and you get another cashew tomorrow.

Now, if you’re sensual, caring people, the nightly activities may also include a message. Your partner has had a long day at work and needs to relax, and while you may view this as a hassle, remember the 80 calories an hour you’ll be burning.

The Main Event

Now that you’ve got your partner more warmed up than a gasoline fire, it’s time to choose your sexual deed of the night. If you’re going for the grand spectacle of norm, you’re looking at sex. Standard, basic, awesome, sex. This is going to burn you 144+ calories per half-hour, so depending on your stamina, you could be looking at a decent workout here. This is roughly half of the calories burned in a 30-minute jog, and definitely more enjoyable.

If you’re feeling more adventurous, perhaps it’s his birthday and you forgot to get him a present, oral sex also presents a workout. With a grand total of 100 calories burned per half an hour, oral sex ranks just under sex in calories burned, plus you get to brag about it to your friends, right? However, this is also an exercise for guys too, so remember that it’s polite to return favors.

And if you’re looking for some nostalgic memories of a time before you figured out this whole sex thing, it’s important to consider the positives of an old fashion. With the popularity of the Shake Weight, it’s not surprising to learn that you burn around 100 calories an hour with a good tugging.

All in all, the act of sex is a definitely calorie burning, but unless you’re friskier than a rabbit it’s not going to replace the gym anytime soon.

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This article was written by Luke Strickler.  Luke is currently a college student studying sexual behavior and is an aspiring sex therapist.  When he doesn’t have his nose in a book, he enjoys providing content and articles for Rejuve Health Clinics – an Orlando based Low-T health clinic.  If you would like to read more about Luke you can visit him on Google+