Ever played a game you loved so much that you felt compelled to search for more games of a similar kind? Well, the folks over at Games Like Zone are here to cater to such a need. With a writing team comprised of eight gaming enthusiasts from across the globe, this blog specializes in recommending interesting games based off your niche interests (e.g. genre, features, graphics, storylines, game mechanics, etc.). For instance, say you enjoyed Minecraft’s ability to let you build your own wonderful creations using the power of your imagination. Well, their list of 10 sandbox creation games similar to Minecraft will no doubt keep you occupied for months on end! They’ve also done lists of games akin Mirror’s Edge, SimCity, Pokemon GO, Uncharted, Life is Strange, Age of Empires, and many more titles across multiple platforms.

However, Games Like Zone is not simply focused on gaming recommendations. They also do a ton of gadget reviews and themed lists (e.g. 10 Awesome Female Protagonists in video games, 10 Video Game Inspired Room Decors, etc.). The blog also caters to movie buffs, producing recommendation lists for Post-Apocalyptic Mad Max-like movies, Dystopian Tales Akin to V For Vendetta, and so on.

Here are the best features of the site:

  • Unlike some other gaming / movie recommendation sites, all lists are painstakingly researched and NOT automatically generated. So you know that there’s a real gamer behind all the content who cares enough to recommend games that he/she feels you’ll truly enjoy.
  • The blog is updated very regularly; at least once a week, often twice. So you can rest assured that if there’s a new big game released, the peeps over at Games Like Zone will most definitely get around to covering it.
  • The site design is sleek and simple; there aren’t too many ads, and the content is never obscured by annoying pop-ups or pre-loaded videos that tend to slow most other gaming sites down.
  • The writing team always pays attention to reader feedback. So if someone leaves a comment with a suggestion that might have been left out of a list, the author usually makes sure to incorporate this into a post revision. This guarantees that all recommendations made are up-to-date and remain fresh.
  • Games Like Zone has a very strong social media presence, so you’ll get plenty of opportunity to interact with the team and offer suggestions for lists you want to see. No other site of this kind has their outreach!

Another thing I like most about the blog is its balancing of ‘hardcore’ and ‘casual’ game titles. For example, they’ve created a list on Undertale – which most everyday players might not have heard of – but also give recommendations for mainstream titles like Tetris, which casual Facebook users will have at least tried playing once in their lives. As a casual gamer, I really appreciated this broad approach.

This is definitely a blog that’ll pique the interest of any kind of video / PC gamer.