Living in a country that has close to the most number of motorcycles compared to any other country in the world, it’s quite surprising the lack of quality motorcycle accessories available for serious riders. Obviously no one is going to get strapped up in elbow pads, knee pads and riding boots just to ride their bike to work, but simple accessories like real biker gloves, helmets, and cool biker jackets are always welcome. India is a country of bikers, and every year thousands of motorcycle fanatics strap themselves up and ride out to the best biker destinations in our country like Leh, Ladakh, Rohtang Pass, Manali, and sometimes even Tibet. Now when you’re talking about riding thousands of kilometers on uneven terrain and on some of the most difficult roads in the world, you really don’t want to be wearing cheap riding gear as that’s all you have to protect you in case anything uneventful happens like a simple tire skidding on a wet road or a pothole.

Protection for your Hands

Any experiences biker will tell you that that there is nothing more important than the grip you have on your motorcycle and that can be quite taxing on your hands, especially if you are riding hundreds of kilometers. The first think you notice after a couple of hours are the aches and pains in your hands caused by the vibration of the motorcycle through the handlebars, this can be quite painful on long journeys and often cause riders to take a break and lose maybe a day or two of travel. Another problem is that the grips on most motorcycles are made of regular rubber, and with sweat this can eat into the palms of your hand on a long ride, causing itching, rashes and generally lots of discomfort. Regular gloves just don’t cut it and can often add to your misery as these are not designed with bikers in mind and are mostly just meant to keep your hands warm.

The Best Motorcycle Gloves in the World

This is why at, India’s leading website for premier motorcycle accessories, you will find only the best motorcycle gloves manufactured by the top brands in the world, specifically designed with bikers in mind. The motorcycle gloves that you will find at come from Oxford Products Ltd, one of the leading manufacturers of motorcycle accessories in the world. The company was established in 1973, and in the year 2014 had their one hundred thousand square foot head office inaugurated by the then Prime Minister of the UK, Mr. David Cameron.

The difference between Good Biker Gloves and Mittens that the Keep the Cold Out

 It’s quite easy to wonder how these gloves are any different from regular leather stitched gloves that keep our hands warm, and here’s the scoop on what you’re missing. The motorcycle gloves featured on are high specification sports gloves that come with pre curved fingers and palms to aid in gripping your handlebars for hours on end. The gloves are made from the highest quality aniline leather with synthetic overlays, and the palms feature Amara overlays with silicon grip detailing. The gloves also feature hidden Aramid reinforcements for your palm and the outer edge of the glove.