If you love skiing, then you certainly know the significance of finding a great off-trail area where you can enjoy the slopes. Due to its increased popularity, heli-skiing trips are becoming much more prevalent and common among skiers.

heli skiing

Heli-skiing trips provide an alternate twist to the more traditional skiing accessed by a ski lift. In fact, this heli-skiing involves downhill skiing accessed via helicopter. The helicopter typically functions like a conventional ski lift by picking up and dropping skiers on the greatest snow conditions and slopes present on its mountainous terrain. Heli-skiing involves skiing in some of the world’s most natural elements. Heli-skiers continuously search for the most pleasurable skiing conditions, which tend to be a little more difficult to find. Heli-skiing takes place on mountain terrain that ranges from high alpine glaciers and bowls to very steep chutes and gladded trees.

Heli-skiers enjoy a naturally contoured terrain with features including long, extended descents, steep vertical slopes, and smooth snow. Whether you’re a beginner or a more experienced skier, you will definitely enjoy the mountain slopes. Even skiers with little or no experience can relish on the naturally diverse mountainous skiing conditions provided by the best heli-skiing destination in the world. Bear in mind that most tours consist of an experienced guide that accompanies a group of heli-skiers. After being dropped from the helicopter, the guide determines where you and the rest of the group will ski. Most of the time, the guide will go first down the avalanche or glacier and your group of skiers will proceed shortly thereafter.

Snow conditions vary depending on the time of year you take your heli-skiing trip. If you’re planning on taking a trip during the beginning of the winter season, you will find a deep amount of fluffy powder snow. This helps to create the most relaxing skiing descents perfect for heli-skiers. However, it you enjoy skiing in conditions produced by corn snow — which forms after the heat from the sun slightly melts the snow — then you can go skiing during spring when the days are longer and warmer. Skiing during the spring time will also give you the opportunity to ski on some of the longest verticals.

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