The Italian president named, Giorgio Napolitano indicates the media, earlier this month, at the Rome’s Quirinale presidential palace.

The Italian president, Giorgio Napolitano today dominated out by standing down to built a way on behalf of a new parliamentary election subsequent to the failure of all the attempts towards forming a government in this week, saying that he will stay in the place until the extreme end of his authorization in the month of May, 2013.

Italian PresidentPreviously, all of the Italy’s major newspapers mentioned that Mr. Napolitano, whose term is going to end on 15th May, 2013 was considered to step down in order to get around the constitutional provisions that prevent the president dissolving parliament as well as declaring elections in the concluding months of his authorization.

But the 87 year old head of the state asked the reporters that he will continue to carry out his efforts to break all the deadlocks since the elections in the previous month which left not a single group by means of enough power to govern.

The Italian president, Giorgio Napolitano also added that he will continue until the last day of his authorization to perform as his intellect of a national responsibility suggests, devoid of hiding from the nation by means of all the difficulties that he is still facing. He told all this to the reporters at his Quirinale palace.

He further added that he will ask some small groups of the experts to formulate the proposals on behalf of the institutional as well as economic reforms which might be supported by all the political groups.

Mr. Napolitano also met leaders of the major parties the previous day in order to try to search for a method to get out of the stalemate that has raised doubts of a prolonged indecision within the euro zone’s third largest economy. On the other hand, by means of all of the three major groups in the parliament clinging to the entrenched positions, which have prevented a preponderance being formed in the parliament, hopes of solutions that might keep away from a new snap that an election have faded.