Allopathy and Ayurveda, are two streams of medicine which are radically different in the way they approach illnesses.They are both effective in treating ailments which plague the human body, but of late, there has been an increase in the debate around which is more effective and safe. While there are many different opinions about the effectiveness and dependability of the cures offered by each, it is universally agreed that while allopathy can be depended upon for a quick cure in an emergency by rapidly suppressing the cause of the ailment, Ayurveda slowly but surely addresses the root cause of any illness, eradicating it and lowering chances of a relapse.

The Ayurvedic Approach To Glowing Skin

For Blemish-free Glowing Skin

In Ayurveda, skin ailments are believed to be manifestations of a deeper problem, and its treatment involves a holistic change of diet and lifestyle which addresses the problem when it has been identified. The medicines used by Ayurvedic doctors are made using natural elements such as plant extracts. Safe and free of side-effects, these medicines are easily available on sites like Zigy which sell medicines online.

A Reflection of Overall Health

Ayurveda believes that skin is a reflection of our lifestyle choices. While allopathic medicines and health products online provide a superficial cure, ayurvedic doctors analyse the doshasof a person’s bodyto find any imbalances and then prescribe a treatment which goes beyond pills and potions. A diet which helps you detox, an exercise regime which helps you stay fit,and dietary supplements which focus on fulfilling any nutritional deficiencies are then included in the patients’routine to ensure a holistic cure.

The Ayurvedic Approach To Glowing Skin

Know your Skin

Irrespective of what your skin ailment is, Ayurveda has a system which provides a personalised and specific cure specially designed for your skin. The first step in determining a cure is to identify your skin type. Your doctor will classify your skin type and then advise you on the best remedy based not only on your lifestyle but also the weather and environment you live in.

Why choose Ayurveda?

While allopathic medicines are known for acting swiftly, it is also an accepted fact that they have several side-effects.  Most skin conditions need to be treated over a long period of time, and it is essential that any medicine you take for such a long period should be safe and free of side-effects. Ayurvedic medicines, being manufactured from natural elements such as plant and mineral extracts have few or no side effects and can be administered to people of all ages.

Buying Medicines Made Easy

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