Non-surgical cosmetic procedures are being done in more places and on more people than has been seen in the past years. This is because non-surgical cosmetic procedures have become far easier to get and far less expensive in recent times. They can be done quickly – hence they are being called lunch time procedures – and results can be seen almost immediately. In the current world where it is becoming competitive to look one’s best, it is not surprising that non-surgical cosmetic procedures are being tried by more and more people.

Botulinum Toxin Injections

The constant topper of all non-surgical cosmetic procedures when it comes to popularity is definitely the use of botulinum toxins. These protein based injections are commonly used on the face. It reduces the wrinkles on a person’s face by paralyzing the muscles underneath, making a person look much younger and fresher. Injections are used to apply the protein, which might make the non-surgical cosmetic procedure a bit uncomfortable, but it will last for at least four months.

The Most Popular Non-Surgical Cosmetic Procedures

Laser Hair Removal

Some non-surgical cosmetic procedures focus more on trouble areas rather than looking young. Laser hair removal disrupts the growth of hair on specific areas of the body. These non-surgical cosmetic procedures work better in certain situations, such as having light skin. Another important factor to note is the need for more than one treatment to make it effective, as well as some maintenance procedures done afterwards.


Similar to botulinum toxin injections, dermal fillers are non-surgical cosmetic procedures that are done to make a person look younger. Dermal fillers are also used in the wrinkles of the face. These fillers come in different types whose components may lead to different results. Dermal fillers may last for at least half a year but come with a bit of initial swelling and pain.

Chemical Peels

Some non-surgical cosmetic procedures such as chemical peels focus on the skin. It uses chemicals to get rid of the upper skin layers, leaving you with the newer skin underneath. It can require different durations as well as lead to different results dependent on the chemical used.

Laser Skin Resurfacing

This set of non-surgical cosmetic procedures includes either non-ablative or ablative treatments. These non-ablative non-surgical cosmetic procedures simply encourage the dermis in its growth to make better skin visible. This has less side effects but are more short term than the ablative alternative. The ablative alternative gets rid of the epidermis as a whole to show the skin underneath. This procedure is usually done to get rid of scars or age spots.

Non-surgical cosmetic procedures are the newer, faster, less painful ways of looking better. They can help a person look younger, with refreshed, clear skin. Simply remember that all procedures should be done by experts to ensure your safety and to get great results.

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