The concept of Virtual Private Servers has evolved over the past several years within the hosting industry. Virtual Private Servers (VPS) will continue to gain importance as virtualization costs go down further along with an increased performance.

You might be looking for the hosting solution for your project that is perfect, both in terms of costs and performance. Here we will lay out the five most important benefits of choosing VPS Hosting. This will also help you choose a host that is perfect for your business.

  1. Greater Reliability

VPS Hosting boosts stability and reliability remarkably. Unlike in traditional VPS hosting, servers are now completely separate from each other and each node has very few servers hosted on it. This makes sure that you get optimal uptime and fine performance.

When you use Shared Hosting you are, in a way, part of a stack of dominos. Your website’s performance and uptime can get affected by other websites on that server when hosting on a Shared Server. This means that, for instance, if one of the other websites your web server is hosting causes a server crash, your website will also suffer because of that.

With most of the hosting providers overselling their servers and stuffing customers on to one web server, Shared Hosting is fast losing its credibility as reliability of their services will diminish soon. You must ask yourself whether the website you are primarily using for your business deserves this kind of a risk.

  1. Total Server Control

The best part of choosing Virtual Private Server Hosting is that you get full root access to the server.

Now, why is root access important? To have a total control over the server environment. With root access, you can tweak it for your precise needs. If you require a custom software package installed, or want a port opened, it can be done without the support of your hosting provider. Having your own virtual environment helps you avoid the issues of not being able to use popular software packages due to security limitations.

  1. Improved Efficiency

The use of eco-friendly technologies or Green Hosting, has been getting rapidly increasing over the past few years. You must do your part by reducing your carbon footprint as much as possible. Virtual Private Servers can help you achieve this.

When you have a Dedicated Server Hosting, you are using all the resources of a server. This effectively means that it is only you who is benefiting from that server’s power consumption. In a Virtual Private Server, a large dedicated server is divided into various virtual environments, and more than one person share that physical server’s resources. This allows the resources to be optimally used.

  1. Instant Scaling of Resources

For a person who has a newly-running business website with hopes of making it big, it is critical to be able to scale the hosting resources without any technical issues or downtime.

When you host with a Virtual Private Server, your environment is hosted within what is known as a container. A certain amount of resources are allocated to this container depending upon the package you purchased. The important thing about these containers is that you can easily and quickly increase or decrease resource allocation to them as and when required.

For instance, if your RAM needs a quick upgrade anticipating a surge in the number of visitors, you can add RAM to your container with just the click of a button. In a similar situation with Dedicated Hosting, you would have required to physically install the new ram into the server, and that would have led to a downtime and loss of traffic.

  1. Cost Savings

VPS Hosting solutions are much cheaper than they used to be a few years ago. The advances in virtualization technologies have ensured that the costs only decrease. VPS Hosting now caters to websites of all sizes irrespective of whether it is a brand-new website.

It is important to consider a VPS Hosting provider who allows for easy management so that you can have total control over upgrades and also over scaling your solution. Several Virtual Private Server packages provide you with effective control panels like cPanel that can help maintain and manage your website smoothly.

Over the years, Virtual Private Servers Hosting has become tremendously popular. And why not? With its guarantee of lower carbon footprint and the ability to scale quickly and painlessly, many organizations find it a sensible choice. As virtualization technologies advance in functionality as well as in performance, this popularity is only expected to continue.