Instagram is a social network very interesting. Besides being a social network for publishing photos, mostly very cool photos, is a great social network to engage their consumers. But how to get follower’s on Instagram correctly?

How To Get Followers On Instagram

There are various formulas to get followers on Instagram, parted the best formulas for you, check out:

Use Hashtags in All Publications

Published a cool photo of your product? Put a good description and use hashtags that represent your product. The uses of hashtags properly help your company stay prominently in searches Instagram causing people who do not know you, can follow you. Do a search on Instagram with the hashtag # instafood and check the amount of photos taken using this hashtag.

Enjoy and Comment on Photos of People you do not Follow

Want to draw the attention of people on Instagram? Give likes on photos of people you do not follow and photograph things that you like and enjoy. To find these photos you like, use the step above, the hashtags. Interacting with people on Instagram, the chances of you having more followers increase. And who gets the tanned and comments tend to get the profile of the people who make up the audience of your account Users.

Abuse of Filters and Beautiful Photos on Instagram

Photos and images are content, especially in Instagram. The content is always king and good published images, and using the instagram filters with a great description equivalent to a good written text or a great video. Keep your profile on Instagram with good pictures and very well published. Enjoy FanPage with many tips on Communication and Social Media.

Do not Stop Publishing

Use constantly Instagram. Upload photo products, events, day to day of your company or if you are not a business, photos of everyday life. At least one or two posts per day are necessary to keep your Instagram well updated.

Copy or Search Publish Similar Images

Instagram has an area “explore” in the application, this area shows the most popular photos on Instagram at the moment and that has more likes. Use this as inspiration! Find an interesting photo in that area and that has to do with your profile, copy the idea and create something, publish and use the same hashtags used in the image that was successful. This will bring new followers and likes good for your photo. Check local people and add the location where the photos were published makes people who attend these places can view your pictures using the search or posting pictures in this same location, thus you end up gaining followers.

In this year 2013 Instagram launched some new features, one of them is the function that allows people in the photos published schedule. If you’re with friends at some event and took a group photo, select all of them and their followers can see your photo.

Use other Social Networks

Posted a new photo? Then share on Facebook and Twitter. Enjoy publishing insert the photo comment something like “Meet my Instagram in” So your friends and followers of other social networks will meet your profile on Instagram.

Follow Me I Follow Back – Works, but not for your Company!

This is the most nags to get followers, but it works. We do not recommend this formula to the company, because the engagement is very low. But if you have your own profile and want to gain followers, the famous “follow me, I follow back.” works for their own profiles, not companies.

Follow Many and Most will Follow you

Another very simple way to gain followers comes directly from Twitter. In the beginning of Twitter, if you were not a hub or a celebrity, get followers was very complicated. Then, a simple process was quite follow people and they will see that you are following them; if your content is interesting they will definitely follow you.