The 4 Must-See Places In Your Italy Vacation

Are you planning your next vacation? If you’re looking for the right mix of romantic getaways, breathtaking vistas and rich history, a vacation to Italy is something that will leave you with memories to last a lifetime! To truly discover what makes the best Italy vacations what they are, it’s important to make note of the most exciting cities, the most unique locales, and to plan your itinerary in a way that caters to every need and desire you have.

And today, it’s easier than it has ever been, with many local travel agencies in Canada offering unique packages, ranging from only a few days to week long extravaganzas, and easy to follow yet incredibly memorable tours. But to understand what package may be the best for you, one has to know what they’re looking for! Listed below are some of the best and most traveled spots the best Italy vacations have.

1. Rome

Alongside Venice, all Italy vacations have this city in common! The age old saying ‘All roads lead to Rome’ can never be truer when taking a trip to Italy. Italy vacations just aren’t complete without visits to Ancient Rome, which includes memorable and breathtaking ruins and landmarks, including the Colosseum and the intriguing Roman Forum, once the center of ancient roman life. They are simply remarkable ruins from Rome’s ancient past. All Italy vacations can’t miss the sheer amount of museums either, containing both modern and ancient art. A good travel package should absolutely contain a few nights in luxurious Rome!

2. Venice

Venice! The breathtaking city of canals. The city itself is constructed on a series of islands with hundreds and hundreds of bridges, and Venice well-known as a city of romance. The fine dining and cultural traditions of Venice make it a unique locale to travel to. Businesses offering any Italy vacations and packages to the wonderful country should absolutely include Venice, as it is one of the most memorable cities to visit throughout the world. Traveling down the Grand Canal of Venice, the city’s ‘Main Street’, should never be missed–nothing spells enchanting than a gondola down this well-known ‘street’!

3. The Ruins of Pompeii

In AD 79, when Mount Vesuvius exploded forth, the result of this disaster has seemingly frozen the town of Pompeii, as though not a year has passed since then. Walking its empty, time-locked streets can be a deeply moving experience, bringing meaning and antiquity to life. Most Italy vacations only sometimes include the ruins if Pompeii, but they are breathtaking, humbling, and often leave visitors with a new outlook and new respect towards life. Be sure not to miss it!

4. Cinque Terre

Located on the rugged coat of the Italian Riviera, the “The Five Lands” is made up of these villages: Monterosso al Mare, Vernazza, Riomaggiore Corniglia and Manarola. The steep landscape overlooks the sea and is a breathtaking sight, and is often visited by travelers due to its exquisite charm and lack of corporate development, giving it an untouched and rustic feel. With the sheer diversity offered, Italy vacations aren’t complete without a trip to at least one of these towns.

These four spots are offered in nearly all trip packages designed by local travel businesses and the best Italy vacations definitely have them! Not only this, but an experienced agency like Road to Italy already know the best places to visit, the best timing to go, and all those secret spots travelers love to see! Make your next vacation a memorable one!