Are you planning for search engine optimization for your new website? Well, then give a start with blog posting which is often touted as a perfect SEO strategy. Blogs are known for being software tools, and from the SEO perspective, you can make the most out of it, provided that you know the strategies. You should be aware of the exact way to use them to derive the maximum possible benefits. High-quality content accompanied by perfect keyword categorization is a good start. But, we can surely say that blogs cannot be considered much of SEO asset unless they are utilized properly to attract links.

Content is the king, but you need to promote it properly. Unless you let others know about your blog, how they will land on to your blogging site. Many businesses prefer to start blogging, but they do not have the required patience for creating quality content and wait to be found by others. Well, without finding your link or clicking on it, how can you expect others to come across your blog?

Links from credible and relevant sources balanced with the on-page keyword optimization, making it easier to be discovered by the search engines. It also makes it easy for the search engines to sort and index blog posts in the search results. If you want your company’s blog to get a good ranking in the search engine result page, then you need to follow some tactics link building. We will discuss them below, so continue reading to know more.

Creating quality content

No matter whatever substitutes you come across, there is no alternative to the addition of new proper contents that users find useful. Make sure that you take out some time to check out the blogs that rank at the top level in search results and also notice their good quality, structure and word placement.

Conducting backlink analysis

You need to find out those sites that are linking to your rival sites and not yours. You need to approach multiple sites to link to yours to get a satisfactory number of visitors. If you see a site that is linking to many of your rival websites, then you can surely approach to link your blog to it.

Getting listed

Try to get listed on blogrolls of other bloggers. You can ask any other blog that you are active with to consider linking your blog to their list of blogs.

Guest post

You can write as a guest on other blogs and include your blog link in the summary or bio. While getting to know about those blogs that rank at a good position on keyword phrases which you are targeting, you will find that they accept blog posts from guests. You can contact a blog owner and in fact, suggest a good useful post that would prove to be useful for their readers. If you found that it makes sense, then you can link to your blog within your guest post. When it comes to the link text, then try to use relevant keywords. It can be said as the perfect or complete guide for real backlinks.

Encouraging social bookmarks

You should always encourage news and social bookmarks of your contents that are using services without rel=nofollow. You can surely show links to services in your blog post template code to ensure that they are visible to the readers. Social bookmarking services will then create a copy of the static page of the bookmark, including a backlink to your blog.

Submission to the regular sites

There are specific directories for blogs, but many do not distinguish between websites from that of blogs. Quality directories have a relevant category with various other sites in it. It makes sense to place your blog among them as a genuine source of information.

Testimonial writing

Go for writing a testimonial for the software and services that you prefer to use. They may like to publish the same with back links to your blog. The testimonials should be written in an accurate and genuine order so that it can prove to be useful for the owner. Stick to the advantages and useful features of the product. Try to add something unique as well. In case you have written any review about a service or product on your blog, then you can also get a link from the press page.

Job listing

It should always have a backlink to your blog. As a recruiting tool, blogs are no doubt beneficial. It helps candidates to understand your company’s culture. When you are purchasing the job listings on some other sites, then make sure to add your blog link. After some time, the listings may get expired, but at the same time, it may even introduce your blog to such people who write their own blogs. They may even decide to go for writing about listens with permanent links to the blog of the hiring firm.

Media coverage

When you come across media coverage, then it is a wise decision to ask journalists about a link back to your blog. Some publications have policy of not linking out from the stories. While some even leave this matter in the hands of the editor or journalists. If you ask, you may be lucky enough to get the link.


You can create different content which provides useful and valuable information that is not found easily elsewhere. You can promote such contents to those who are interested and distribute the same to the right group of audiences. Always keep in mind, that the content should be useful and of high quality. But, the packaging should be unique in its own way. You need to understand and study the blogs that have gone viral and belong to your category. Follow their format, structure, and tone. Use the strategies that have worked for others, implementing them correctly in your contents.

Author bio: Derek Iwasiuk is a well-known SEO blogger, and he has written about more than hundreds of blogs on SEO related factors till date. In this post, he has written about the various link building tactics that can help you with your blog promotion. He has mentioned about linking to other sites to your blog so well, that this post becomes a complete guide for real backlinks.