To improve the Lead generation on Instagram, first you will have to analyze that you are having enough engagement of the audience on your posts or not. In order to generate more leads you will need more audience and the committed audience. If you have more followers on your Instagram account, then you have more probability of turning them into your leads.

In this article, you will get to know about the tactics and features that are available by Instagram to capture the attention of the audience and hence improve the lead generation for your business.

Try to link a lead generating page with your profile bio on Instagram

In order to improve the lead generation for your business, you will need to make your Instagram account business ready with a proper format that is suitable for your business.

The account must look like a formal business account and it should be properly filled. All the components required to complete the profile should be filled carefully as per the business requirements. The bio must be written properly and do not forget to add the profile picture on your account. Provide all the necessary information about your brand in the bio or a brief introduction which can help the followers to know about you more.

In your Instagram posts do not forget to include the CTA traffic driving

When you post in your Instagram feeds, it is recommended to you to add the links or urge the people to open up your link in the bio. Through this way you can get more traffic driving towards your link. This is the way through which you can drive your existing followers to the link. But this is the way which is simple for you and this call of action has some effective results.

Use one click Instagram action buttons on your profile to enhance the leads

Instagram has been working well to improve the experience of the business profiles and provide them many features that can enable them to easily communicate with their followers. For this purpose, the app has developed an update through which the business accounts can have one click action buttons for the audience.

Through these action buttons, the users can directly communicate with the businesses and improve their call of action and lead generation. Instagram allows the business profiles to have 3 action buttons for their profile including the texts, call, emails, and directions. To improve the lead generation texts and calls option serves best for the businesses.

Rely on Instagram stories to improve Lead Generation

Instagram stories are among the popular and mostly viewed activities of Instagram users. Business profiles can share their products in the story section to get the attention of the audience. Also, the Instagram stories have a swipe up option for the link which helps the businesses to get the audience driven towards the website. Through this way, more traffic can be driven to visit you website and it also helps in improving the lead generation.