Bunion may be referred to as the particular condition wherein the enlarged tissue or bone developing at the joint connects the big toe to the foot. The ligaments, muscles, bones and tendons of the feet help in distribution of our entire weight when we stand, run or walk in usual manners. However any disorder related with our MTP joint, i.e. metatarsophalangeal joint may result in bunion.

Symptoms, Causes and Treatment Of Bunion

Causes – This condition may develop because of prolonged stress and bending of the big toe towards the foot’s smaller toes putting pressure on the MTP joint. It may lead to complications. The major causes of bunion include wearing tight fitting shoes with pointed toes or high heels that result in shifting the entire body weight onto the toes. That’s why a large number of females suffer from this ailment because they wear high heeled shoes.

Symptoms – Those suffering from pain in the area of the MTP joint are said to suffer from bunion. Likewise bending of the big toe in towards the other toes may also result in painful sensations. An enlarged bump of the tissue or bone at the MTP joint is also a symptom of bunion. Thickness of skin, restricted motion in the big toe and swelling & inflammation of the skin around the MTP joint are the signs of this ailment. Proper treatment including the one facilitated by Bunion consultant London is a must.

Treatments – Patients suffering from bunion usually undergo surgery. Painful sensations due to this ailment can be alleviated by taking the suitable medicines. Painless bunions may not require any surgery. As such, the following non-surgical measures may prove their worth in getting sufficient and instant relief:

a.     Wearing roomier shoes is good. Shoes with plenty of room in the toe box help in avoiding pinching or squeezing of the toes. Shopping shoes at the end of the day is wise as the feet are at their largest level at that particular time. You can buy suitable pieces according to the enlarged size of the feet.

b.    Low-heel shoes help in giving instant relief by avoiding the entire weight onto the toes whereas the high heeled shoes do so.

c.     Shoes with padding and tapping the feet are also good for the persons that are affected with ill effects of bunion.

d.    Physical therapy including the one provided by prominent health clinics like Bunion consultant London may be much useful.

e.   Wearing orthotics in the shoes helps in rectifying the mechanical problems.

f.      Anti-inflammatory medicines including ibuprofen and aspirin can be used for saying NO to inflammation caused due to bunion. Prominent physicians including Bunion consultant London may be consulted for the same.

Cortisone injections may also work well.

g.     Physical therapy, whirlpool baths and ultrasound treatments may help in reducing pain and inflammation.

h.    Shoes inserts, i.e. orthotics help in correcting the mechanical foot-motion problems.

i.       Elevating the foot when bunion gives pain is good. Icing is also helpful in reducing pain. Stretching the shoes at a shoe repair shop may also give sufficient relief.