Completely drained out of the weeks tiring job and hectic classroom work? A weekend recreation is what every family and friends will look out for, and the sort of a lifestyle could enthrall anyone, boosting them up to face another tiring weekday. Have you ever thought of surfing all day and DJ-ing all night? Attending camps is indeed an entertaining factor and having them a part of your lifestyle is something to boast. Yes, you have Television, Music System, Gaming Zone, Friends to talk with and the sizzling spots to hang around, yet, nothing can be as refreshing as the cool and natural wind.


The lifestyle of Surfing and Music can get you crazy and with a pack of fun-loving friends are a way for breathless outing. Not to worry if you have no familiarity with surfing as wherever you might want to try your hand in, there is always supervisors instructing, especially when you come along with a camp. Here some of the  tips to know about the basic surfing techniques.

The easy methods of Surfing

As soon as you get your surfboard, lie down with your belly and do a couple of pop-up’s and push-up’s before lightly leaping for a  standing position.

While standing on the surfboard, keep your legs a foot apart (one leg in the front, and one leg in the back) from each other as you are comfortable with and the torso must face the sides (again as you feel comfortable).

To attain a certain amount of balance, keep your arms spread out, looking forward. The point is, never look down and maintain bend knees throughout the surfing.

Say you are quite uncomfortable balancing the board, step-up techniques can really come handy. While you push your torso up, don’t forget the extend any one of the feet forward to stand up. To ensure your balance on the board, a leash (Surfboard) is struck to your mortise joint.

The Ladies’ turn now

In the Unites States, surfing has most of the time been a man’s cup of tea. Well, here comes the changes, for the women prove lots of fun too. Instructors are always available to teach you surfing, and when a camp or classes are organized, never fail to miss them, especially when you love surfing. Some of the places like the San Juan Island can offer you the world’s best surfing as they do not have rocks on shore and this makes the sport a lot easier.

Apparently, a camp was conducted on the Island, an all women Surfing and DJ clique. While they had the chance to explore surfing, they surely had the fun of life during the nights, playing music and learning so much from the DJs. The teens and old alike picked music of their choice and learned from experts how to mix various tunes.

Well, if you think deeply, lifestyle is what determines what you are. The Americans are inclined to so many lifestyles like Shopping, Partying, Trekking and a lot more. But for a healthy lifestyle, a good sport like surfing don’t only tone your body but helps to find who you truly are, what you really like and most of all, it assists to explore your so called ‘limitations’.