When the summer season arrives, one of the first things that you might want to do to escape the heat is jump into a swimming pool. Welcome the warm weather with your friends and family by throwing the best pool party in the neighborhood. Once you get your pool set up, there are a few essentials that you want to have on hand so that it’s a memorable and fun event.

Summer Time: 4 Essentials To Throwing The Best Pool Party

Pool Floats and Toys

Keep everyone busy while offering ways to enjoy the sun in the water with a variety of floats and toys. Dive sticks are a fun idea for kids as they can toss them in the water and try to find them by swimming in different areas of the pool. Large floats that look like animals are always a popular accessory for a pool party. You could get a bar float with a variety of drinks for guests to enjoy so that they don’t have to get out of the water.

Swimming with Safety

Safety should be an important component of your pool setup. Install a fence around the pool with the assistance of companies like Standrite Australia Pty Ltd. Your fence should have a lock on the outside of the door to keep children from getting inside. Keep life jackets at the pool for people who can’t swim. You should also have some kind of device that can be thrown to someone who might be in trouble in the water. An adult should always be present when children are swimming so that everyone has a safe and fun time at your pool party.

Fun Food

No pool party is complete without food. Offer lighter foods that won’t interfere with swimming, such as popsicles, chips or ice cream. If you’re planning to serve a meal at your pool party, then consider serving the meal after everyone has enjoyed time in the water as a lot of food on the stomach usually doesn’t mix well with swimming. You could serve foods that have a pool or luau theme, such as cupcakes that look like floats or pineapple slices. A cookout is an option to consider for a pool party.

Games Galore

One way to ensure that your pool party is a success is to offer a variety of pool games. Put a volleyball net in the pool or a basketball goal float at one end of the pool. Set up a volleyball net in the yard as well for those who don’t want to stay in the water the entire time. You can also play diving games or hide-and-seek games in the water.

Whether it’s a small gathering or a large event at a public pool, there are several activities to enjoy at your pool party. Invite guests to bring a favorite food or drink or a game to play. Try to coordinate the party at a time when kids are out of school and people are off work so that they can enjoy the party without feeling rushed.