All lovers of fashion, If you are behind on your trend setting tips for any reason then this article should be a great help. With the various styles cropping up it can be hard to keep up with the times. Indie, scene, gothic, trendy.. these are just a few of the styles out there today. Here is an update of all the must have fashion tips to help you keep your swagger.

80’s Fashion Is Back


Unless you have been hiding in a closet you would have noticed the bright coloured neon clothes making a stand once more. If you are an 80’s kid than you will be ecstatic to find that those bright coloured leggings and boldly patterned dresses are back in fashion. Yes, now you have an excuse to be spotted with your loud clothes. Go you!

Leopard Print

This insatiable print has vast been in the limelight since the 60’s and has now come back with even more bite. Ladies all over the world are rocking this chic trend. Forget about the typical brown or black leopard print you can now begin to rock a whole range of colours. Pink, orange or yellow the coloured prints available is just tremendous. The print can also be found in large, medium or small dimensions. If you want to create a real style statement then mix up the print you choose to wear. For example, a neon pink print would look super rocking with a blue leopard print blazer and yellow t-shirt. If you are bold than this trend is certainly the one for you. Confidence is the key to pulling this look off, so if you are a go get it kind of girl than you will look a million dollars rocking this unique trend.

Mellow Yellow

Summer is fast approaching and what better way to celebrate this season with the all new trend yellowy trend. Celebs such as Miranda Kerr and Victoria Beckham can be seen flaunting this fantastic new look. Yellow print matched with a floaty white tee gives the perfect look for an all summery season. Pairing a cute lemon dress with some flat sandals is an effortless way to pull off this type of trend.If you want to look your best then why not look to the high street store topshop and pick up a cute printed yellow skirt. Matched with a white tee a print skirt will look amazingly adorable.

Colour Blocking

This daring new look is fresh right now. Colours you think would usually clash now look tremendously awesome together. Turquoise and emerald fit perfectly together much like slate blue and chocolate brown. You may be taken aback by the colour combos you can now pair which will look effortlessly cool together. Read on to learn which colours blend cleverly together.

  • Turquoise and Emerald
  • Ice Pink and White
  • Burnt Orange and Burgundy
  • Chocolate and Slate Blue
  • Mustard and Coral

 There are many more combinations, however these are the most popular right now.

Looking your best this spring/summer time is going to be hands-down unproblematic. If you are up to date on the freshest trends then you can undoubtedly rock any unique style you like. Be more spontaneous and learn to love the clothes you wear. Just remember, confidence is the key to pulling off any style.

Bio: Sadie is a student trendsetter and is always up to par with the newest trends. She enjoys giving advice about the latest styles around. Pairing accessories with any trend is essential. There are numerous Ladies Belts on the market which can be bought in a number of styles. Whether you choose to vamp up your outfit with a slim or chunky belt, there are just so many to be had!