Let’s face it; getting into shape and shedding pounds is a very taxing undertaking, especially if you haven’t run a mile or picked up a dumbbell in what may seem like eons. To boot, we all struggle with balancing our hectic everyday routines, which is why carving out exercise time in the midst of chaotic work schedules and childcare responsibilities seems to be impossible.

Staying Fit Should Be Fun and Engaging: The Revitalising World Of Yoga

You might feel inclined to sign up for a standard gym membership at a local facility but these environments tend to rub beginners the wrong way and most people end up throwing in the towel within a couple of days. As a matter of fact, the World Health Organisation reported that 80% of gym memberships initiated in January 2012 were defunct within five months.

If you’d like to avoid high-pressure gyms, expensive in-home equipment, and fruitless workout plans, your best bet is to join a beginner’s yoga class. This brief article will dive headfirst into this incredible discipline and show you how to go about finding yoga in Manchester or wherever you happen to live.

What Is Yoga?

The earliest yoga concepts date as far back as 5,000 years ago with the first mention of the word yoga appearing in the ancient Indian text Rig Veda. Since these archaic times, the core aspects of yoga have largely stayed the same as the entire discipline still focuses on breathing techniques, intricate poses, targeted meditation, and unique forms of exercise as a way to improve mental wellness and overall health. Although yoga actually contains eight “limbs” of practice ranging from yamas (restraints) to pratyahara (secession of senses) and several others, it’s worth noting that most modern forms of yoga focus on the third limb, asana.

Asana essentially refers to a collection of elaborate postures, poses, and stances, all of which work to purify the body and provide the strength, stamina, and wherewithal to sustain long periods of mediation. Someway, somehow, the yogis of ancient India understood that the entire universe was, is, and always will be in a state of constant motion and expansion, which is why the asana limb was derived from the natural ebb and flow of life in general.

Thus, yoga is geared towards opening the obscured channels within your body in an effort to align your being with the ever-changing world around you. As such, practicing yoga on a consistent basis naturally decreases stress and mollifies even the deepest of anxieties. However, apart from these mental and spiritual benefits, yoga has also been proven to tighten your skin, strengthen muscles, increase flexibility, and improve bone health as well.

Finding the Perfect Yoga Studio

Regardless of whether you’re a mere beginner or a weathered yoga maven, it’s worth noting that only one session per week is more than enough to effect positive change in your life. Fortunately, the most reputable yoga studios feature highly qualified teachers, specially designed facilities, and, best of all, a daily assortment of guided classes for both novices and experts alike. The classes are not only fun and engaging but they’re also extremely cost-effective as well, which means that budgetary concerns shouldn’t slow you down at all.

So what are you waiting for? Join a local yoga class and start feeling better about yourself.

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