High heel shoes play a very large part of fashion. In fact, many believe that it is necessary for women in professional positions to always wear this type of show if they wish to appear business-like.

High Heel Shoes and Accidents

High heels, especially heels over three inches, are also a “must-have” for women who go out to night clubs or make their appearance at social events. Even though there have been many different organizations that have come out discouraging high heels, the craze for height remains.

If the thought of fracturing your ankles, cutting off the circulation in your toes, or disfiguring your feet is not enough reason to consider a lower shoe, it may be possible that the connection high heels have with accidents may be more convincing.

High Heels, Slip and Fall, and Car AccidentsOh My?

Wearing high heels may be dangerous to your leg and feet health, but it is not necessarily connected to higher occurrences of slip-and-fall injuries or car accidents. While both of these events may have involved women wearing high heels, it does not necessarily mean the heels were the cause.

A slip and fall usually occurs when conditions are unsafe for walking. This may be due to debris on the walkways, holes or rips in the flooring or sidewalk, wet or icy areas causing it to be slippery, poorly lit walkways, or uneven pavement or flooring. These conditions present a potential risk to anyone who is using these walkways, regardless of the type of footwear they have.

Car accidents can be seen in the same manner. Most car accidents occur because of distracted or careless drivers. If one is texting behind the wheel of a car, it does not matter what type of shoe they are wearing, they can still cause an accident because of their driving habits.

With so much news being focused on the impact of high heels on the feet and legs, insurers are trying to use this information to state that heels are dangerous in other ways also. Is this meant as a way to protect women from coming to harm? Sadly no. It is just a way for insurance companies to find a way to not pay out on a claim for compensation.

Of course, there have been instances when wearing high heels caused an accident to occur. A recent tragedy occurred when two young women in very high heels found themselves unable to run away from a car that had ignited during an accident.

These women both suffered injuries that could have possibly been avoided if they were able to move away from the accident scene quicker. However, other factors must also be considered in this case, and the injuries may not all be blamed on the heels.

In the end, women will most likely continue to wear high heels, regardless of any health risks. However, they should feel more secure knowing that wearing these heels does not place them at higher risk for sustaining an injury in a slip and fall or a car accident.

Jamica Bell is a freelance writer and former high heeler. After experiencing the uncomfortable impact of these fashionable accessories, she abandoned them for a lower heel. During her research, she found http://www.stokesinjurylawyers.com/ to be an exceptional resource for individuals who have experienced injury due to car crashes and slip and fall accidents. 

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