Flawless, supple, radiant and young looking skin: this is what you want, and it is what Solvaderm promises – or your money back. You are probably sitting there thinking we must be kidding, but believe it or not; we are serious. We are as serious about giving you this guarantee as we are serious about creating and producing high-quality skincare products that do not only promote beautiful skin but also contributes to its health.

Healthy Skin is Beautiful Skin

We have been repeatedly told about how important the skin is, because of the many roles it plays and the different functions it does to contribute to our well-being. Here are five of the top functions the skin performs:

  1. Offers protection. The skin serves as a barrier to the outside environment, protecting the body against UV radiation and germs. Therefore, the skin must always be kept clean by using only the gentlest of cleansers and kept hydrated with a moisturizing sunscreen.
  2. Absorbs nutrients and other substances. Some forms of medication are applied and absorbed through the skin, and this is a good thing. However, the skin is not selective. It does not have a system that tells it which substances are safe to absorb and which are not. Therefore, you should make sure that whatever you slather on your skin – be it lotions, toners or moisturizers – are safe. This means that you should choose only the products that have natural and organic ingredients that have antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties.
  3. Synthesizes chemicals. Skin cells are forever at work: converting sunlight into Vitamin D, producing melanin to protect the skin from harmful UV rays, regenerating cells and repairing the damage. For all the work it does, sometimes the skin cannot tolerate external pressures like overexposure to the sun and harsh environments and internal pressures like stress and improper nutrition. To help the skin, you must lead a healthy lifestyle and choose skincare products that are packed with antioxidants that ward off the effects of free radicals and ingredients that stimulate cell renewal and collagen production.
  4. Regulates body temperature. During hot weather, the skin cools the body by sweating and increasing blood flow. During cold weather, the skin helps retain body heat by decreasing the amount of blood flowing in the body. To help the skin function properly, good hydration is a must. Therefore, you must drink the recommended amount of water and use hydrating and moisturizing products on our skin.
  5. Transfers information. Nerves in the skin take in information like pain, pressure, or temperature and passes along this information to the brain. You can stimulate these nerve endings with the power of touch through massages that stimulate hormones, thereby boosting immunity and reducing stress levels.

The skin is important and must be treated with high regard. You must take care of your skin well by living a healthy lifestyle and using Solvaderm skincare products that are developed by the best skin experts who have top notch knowledge of microbiology and dermatology.

Solvaderm offers the best in skincare protection, therefore promoting both the health and beauty of the skin. Made in the USA with only the gentlest natural and organic ingredients, our products are preferred by most dermatologists who recommend and use our professional strength and pharmaceutical grade products.

Solvaderm Skin Care Products

Solvaderm helps you address all the common complaints of skin exposed to pressures in the environment: dry, irritated and aging skin. Take care of your skin by using only our specially formulated cleansers, toners, serums and treatments, and your skin will reward you with the radiance, beauty, and youth you so desire.

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