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Whether you’re looking to sell your home or are simply customizing it to match your tastes, many homeowners have upgrades on their minds. Maintenance and upgrading a part of home ownership, and these efforts are rewarded over time with a house that keeps up with the times and your own personal tastes.

One misconception about home upgrades is that they have to be large-scale money-pits that tear out a room’s features and fully replace them. In reality, there are a lot of smaller changes you can make that won’t cost a lot and won’t demand too much of your time. But in the end, they’ll produce a noticeable change in your home and boost your potential sale price.

Lighting Concepts

If you spend a lot of time in the kitchen—or want to motivate yourself to do so recessed lighting is a great feature. By installing such a lighting feature above your countertops, you create a cozy, well-lit space with a pleasant ambience. This type of lighting can also accentuate other features in your kitchen and serve as functional accent lighting, depending on what you choose to display on your countertops, and it’s a great complement to other lighting features when you’re hosting company.

Tile Backsplash

If you’re already planning on recessed lighting—or even if you aren’t—a new tile backsplash can virtually reinvent your kitchen. Use this feature to add a new color contrast to the space without replacing main features at a huge cost. You have plenty of flexibility with your backsplash, and recessed lighting will help it come alive and draw the attention of guests.

A Fresh Layer of Paint

If you’re planning on selling a home, you may want to reconsider certain accent walls and extreme color choices. These can be a turnoff to some prospective buyers. Instead, white walls are rarely offensive and can make a room appear brighter and larger. But even if you aren’t going with white, a fresh coat of paint can help brighten colors and bolster the “newness” of a room and its walls. Plus, paint is cheap and easy to apply on your own.

New Handles and Doorknockers

Cabinet and drawer handles, as well as your front door’s doorknocker, can be elements of your design that quickly date your home. In other cases, they simply might not match the rest of your home’s design—especially if you’ve been updating your kitchen to give it a more modern feel. Your front doorknocker is an external representation of the home within, and cabinet handles can be purchased at a reasonable cost and installed with ease.

When it comes to making upgrades in your home, cost-efficiency matters—it’s what will help you ultimately profit from your improvements. Always consider the cost of certain upgrades and the potential windfall in terms of sale profit. Small changes can pay off big when it comes time to sell a home, so do your research and look for ways to update your home without breaking the bank.