For those without dental insurance, it can seem impossible to be able to get basic care or advanced needs taken care of. However, when you don’t get your teeth cleaned regularly or you let serious problems go, they only get worse. Keeping your teeth clean and healthy is important as when there are problems it can affect our overall body functions. The risk of bacteria, tooth loss, and even your self-confidence slipping are all avoidable. There are some sliding scale fee dentist locations that you can turn to, for example, in Queens.

Such a facility is a type of clinic that operates on a different type of payment plan. They take your income and household members into consideration to determine how much you will pay for your procedures. If you don’t make very much money, this can be a great resource for you to turn to. It can mean making the care you need more affordable so you aren’t skipping it. Even major procedures can be less expensive through such a program. You may need to show your bank statements, pay stubs, and fill out an application to qualify.

When you turn to a sliding scale fee Queens dentist, it doesn’t mean your level of care is going to diminish. Most of the time, these dentists have the right skills and they are working in a clinic to get some expertise before they open up their own dental office. They may be getting some type of forgiveness on student loans for college too by working in such a clinic for a year or two. This is a great way for them to offer their services to the public while also reducing their own debt. When they are ready to embark on their own, they have a good reputation in place that allows them to build long term patients.

Even though the cost is lower, you do want to check out the dentist. Some of these clinics have several dentists as well as several students that work with them. Ask for detailed information about who will be performing your care. Then you can ask about their credentials and their experience. If you are fine with students being part of your care, it can get you further discounts. Just make sure that there will be someone to supervise them that does have the right experience so that there won’t be any complications.

Make some phone calls and do some searching online so you can see what options you have when it comes to a Queens dentist that can offer you the care you need without the expense. You shouldn’t be embarrassed about going to such a clinic and getting the benefits either. Your dental care is too important not to find a way to get it done. These programs are in place due to people being in need. Take advantage of such a resource that is out there, and spread the word to others you know that may benefit from such services too.