Skin tags usually seem to show up from nowhere, they are generally most annoying to look at than almost anything else. But, understanding what they really are and aren’t, can be comforting. Although, what actually causes the skin tag isn’t always known, and its treatment is pretty straightforward so that they can be easily removed.

Skin Tags 101: First of all, the good news is they are benign and dispute no symptoms. They are completely harmless growths on the skin surface, which are also called soft fibromas, cutaneous tags and fibroepithelial polyps. They are mostly flesh-coloured, although some might have darker colour.

Skin tags are usually small, measured in millimetres, but able to grow up to half an inch in length. It may start to get develop without your attention, but once they’re completely developed, it can’t get any bigger. They form up anywhere on the body, but most commonly on neck, eyelids and groin area – basically, most of on all body area with folds.

Skin Tag Removal 101: Facts, Causes And Treatment Options

Skin Tag Facts: Now that you know what they really are, read on the following basic facts about skin tags, it will clear a lot of things.

  • Skin tags are usually developed due to skin on skin friction. They however, are sometimes also formed because of genetic reasons. It occurs due to friction. And, it’s the primary reason why the old age people get skin tags.
  • Skin tags are treatable of course, their removal is also completely painless, and you can always approach for the treatments that’s just right for you. If, unfortunately, you do have a financial problem, no need to worry as some treatments can also be done right at home. Consulting a dermatologist is not mandatory always.
  • Skin tags never cause any pain to the person who has it. As a matter of fact, they are quite harmless, only the skin tags on visible area makes people to remove them.

Skin Tag Causes: They are usually common, starts getting developed after the age of 50. They are generally also found on people who have conditions such as diabetes, overweight or obese.

The cause, the friction by the way is created when a skin rubs on another skin. Side effect of being obese is also a cause of skin tags on certain people, which explains why they often grow in body folds. According to a medical paper by the Spain dermatologists, an overweight person, whose job includes repeating lifting of arms throughout the working hours, develops a pattern of skin tags due to the constant friction. So, if a person is overweight or obese, it’s being suggested to avoid wearing tight clothing.

Skin Tag Treatment Options: Depending on which area the skin is located; you might not just choose any skin tag removal treatment. You should however, seek the treatment only for the cosmetic reasons. For example, if it’s on any area that detracts your appearance or if it’s on the area that gets constant repetitive friction.

These treatments are usually very simple. One option is, removing the skin tag by superfreezing the affected area of skin, which is called cryosurgery. Or, burning off or I would prefer it calling ‘destroying the tissue with heat’, also called cautery. If they are hanging on your skin, cutting them off with medical scissors is also an option.

There is no recovery time needed, and removing them leaves no trace of it whatsoever. Although, if they don’t grow back on exact same spot, then it’s a possibility that new skin tags may form on other areas of your body.

Conclusion: While most of them are not dangerous, they can be cosmetic woe or a nuisance. And, if yours doesn’t bothers you or detracts your appearance, it’s completely fine to just ignore them. However, if their appearances change over time, it’s being suggested to have it looked by a dermatologist.