For a lot of women out there who wants to achieve a dazzling look without having to wear fake eyelash extensions or a lot of mascara layers, lash extension is becoming a popular option. Don’t have thick and long eyelashes? You can also take advantage of eyelash extensions.

7 Tips On Getting Eyelash Extensions

Below are seven helpful tips before you decide to get eyelash extensions:

Pick your lashes wisely.

Before you decide on a particular eyelash style, make sure that you go to a stylist with a clear idea of what you want. If you want to have a more natural look, experts would recommend mink extensions since they are extremely light and have a natural appearance.

Choose a professional.

Having an experienced lash extension professional to do the job will ensure that the final results of the lash extension application are perfect and will last longer. Lash extensions that are applied incorrectly may cause damage to your own lashes, so make sure to choose the right professional. A trained lash extension technician has the skills and knowledge to do the job correctly.

Let your lash extensions dry completely.

After the application of the extensions, you may have to avoid water or any liquid applications for 48 hours. Making sure that the newly applied extensions are totally dry will help ensure that adhesive used in the application have enough time to dry.

Keep your hands off of and out of your eyes.

Try to avoid rubbing or touching your newly applied lashes. Just let them be and just admire them in front of the mirror. If you continuously touch them, germs and oils will get into the lashes and the adhesive may not totally dry. When you sleep, try a position that won’t let the lashes touch the pillow or any part of your body so it won’t fall off.

Remove makeup carefully.

If you are wearing makeup, make sure to remove them carefully so you will not accidentally remove your extensions. You can use oil-free and a Q-tip to remove them.

Be careful with contacts.

If you need to wear contact lenses, be extra careful so your lenses won’t get scratched with the lash extension or you don’t cause the lash extension to come off.

Avoid oil-based makeup remover or cleanser.

Having Victoria BC eyelash extensions is a commitment that will take you 3 to 5 weeks and needs extra care. Do not use oil-based makeup remover or cleanser because they will compromise the adhesive used on the extension application. And, sleep on your side and avoid letting your lashes touch the pillow.