No matter what you do, that pesky soap scum on your shower glass keeps returning. Cleaning shower glass can be challenging because of mold, mildew, water spots, and grease. Since shower glass is difficult to maintain, you will need a great game plan to keep it clean without expending a lot of energy. Here are four great tips to clean your shower glass.

White Vinegar

Good old fashioned white vinegar is an inexpensive, highly effective method to clean dirty areas without using harsh chemicals. Fill up a spray bottle and spray the door, allowing it to sit for about 20 minutes. After you scrub the glass, wipe the glass with a clean sponge. Make sure to run the bathroom fan or open a window to break up the strong odor.

Use a Squeegee

The shower glass will need a final rinse after you finish scrubbing it with cleaner. The rinse can leave stubborn watermarks on the glass after it dries. If you want streak-free glass, you will need to invest in one key piece of equipment: a squeegee. Squeegees are versatile and remove excess water from the surface of the glass, and they are a great alternative to paper towels or scrubbing pads that can scratch and leave streaks.

Keep It Dry

One key component of cleaning shower glass is preventing residue buildup. Keeping your shower glass dry is a great preventative measure for unsightly soap scum. Wipe off the water using either a squeegee or a microfiber cloth when you are done showering. A fabric softener sheet is an unorthodox method to wipe off your shower glass after it dries. The sheets are great for breaking water spots and work exceptionally well on shower glass.

Commercial Cleaners

There are lots of choices for cleaning shower glass. There are many options including environmentally friendly products and products for hard water. If you have children, you may be better off opting for non-toxic products that leave a pleasant smell. Windex is the tried and true glass cleaner that provides great results if you are sticking to traditional cleaners.

Your shower is your sanctuary away from the daily stresses of life. Dirty shower glass, however, does not provide the same level of relaxation. With consistency and a few simple items, you can keep that shower glass looking like new! For more serious issues, contact a company like Valley Glass Utility for professional shower services.