Between the smell of nutty pumpkin lanterns melting around the candlelight on Hallowe’en and that of a thyme- and bay leaf-roasted turkey slowly cooking on Christmas Day, some people say that the autumnal and wintry period from October to December is the most aromatic. The gentle scent of nutmeg-flavouredlebkuchen, the waft of smoky fireworks exploding into the night on 5 November, even the smell of freshly-fallen snow (which, admittedly, we’re more likely to get in spring)… each of these fragrances indicates that the most sensual time of the year is upon us once more, bringing with it love, laughter and, of course, oodles of stress!


It can be hard to find time for yourself during this busy period, when the kids’ nativity costumes need sewing and your great aunt’s present needs buying, but with aromatherapy you can help yourself relax while getting your best wise-men tea towels out and finishing up the online shopping. Whether you’re a seasoned believer in aromatherapy or you consider it new age pseudo-science, there’s no denying the escapist and nostalgic qualities of certain scents. Thanks to companies like Yankee Candle UK Ltd, you don’t have to wait for these smells to appear naturally: you can recreate the same sense of inspiration on demand.

One particularly seductive new scent this season is Salted Caramel, reflecting the exponential rise to culinary prominence this delicious treat has experienced recently. Especially for those looking to diet this holiday season, a salted caramel candle may be the perfect way to enjoy its flavour without consuming the calories! Alternatively, if that’s just a little too tempting for you, what about the Snowflake Cookie or Merry Marshmallow?

If sugar-topped cookies and toasted vanilla marshmallows sound too edible for you (we definitely don’t want you to be eating wax!), there’s always the sweetly-spiced Christmas Memories candle. For a richer perfume, try Yankee Candle’s vanilla chai, with its cinnamon and ginger undertones and a luscious red colour as vibrant as a Moroccan medina.

For those seeking something less traditional and more calming, look to the cool musk of Season of Peace, the amber-laden November Rain or the fresh sandalwood of Lake Sunset. Invoking memories of September walks and the final days of summer, these light fragrances can temporarily carry you away from the festive madness and provide a perfect relaxation tool for when you return from the Christmas supermarket shop. Just don’t forget to buy the candles while you’re in there!

Article contributed by Garima Mehta for Yankee Candle, essential home accessories.