As the months get colder, we’re all looking for ways to make our house warmer without spending a fortune on heating bills and feeling guilty about how much fuel we’re using. One area where you may not realise you are losing heat, and money, is through your walls. Everyone knows about loft insulation, but have you ever considered how much heat you could lose through your walls? For many houses, especially modern homes, this may not be much of a problem, but if you’ve noticed damp, mould or rot in your home, then you could be losing heat much faster than damp-free homes.

Damp walls lose heat quickly and the moisture sitting in the walls can make a room feel much colder. A cost-effective, environmentally friendly and easy way to avoid damp walls that lose you heat, is to use a damp proofing treatment. You need to make sure you use a long-lasting, top quality damp proofing treatment, and apply it correctly, so the best thing to do would be to call in property maintenance experts and damp proofing specialists who will perform the job properly and efficiently. One such company that has over 60 years’ experience in damp proofing, is Peter Cox, and today they still offer the latest in damp proofing treatment technology, all over the UK.

Save Heat, Money and The Environment This Winter

Their damp proofing treatment, called DryWall DPC, involves using a ‘thixotropic silane or silicone cream’ on the wall to act as a barrier against moisture and therefore rising damp. First, the wall is prepared; including waterproofing any areas that may need it, and then a base coat of DryWall damp proofing course is applied. The cream will diffuse and release a silane vapour that reacts with the masonry of the wall and form a water repellent resin. This will stop any water or moisture from building anywhere where the cream has been applied, and the fact that it is a cream and not a liquid means it is much quicker to dry and set. Finally a DryWall top coat will be applied to seal in the damp proofing course.

The damp proofing cream used is non-caustic, non-flammable, solvent free and low hazard. So it’s suitable to use on internal walls as well as external, and there’ll be no fumes or strong odour. Applying the damp proofing treatment to your walls is quick and simple with Peter Cox, and it will insulate and protect your walls from damp and mould for years and years to come. So, you could save money by having to use your heating less if your walls no longer lose you heat, therefore using less fuel, and so helping the environment and making your house more energy efficient!

Stay cosy, keep your money and save fuel this winter by taking one simple step and damp proofing your walls.