images (16)Last Year Samsung presented Galaxy S III which won the heart of everyone and became the leader in smartphone category. This year it started early in maintaining the audacity of the manufacturing giants in the mobile arena with Samsung Galaxy Express I8730. The next level in smartphone will now be enthralled with this amazing fully equipped with latest straight edge technology with 4G LTE support. Samsung Galaxy Express I8730 is under the flagship of Galaxy. This is the most successful flagship under any platform. You can only imagine the kind of success Samsung Galaxy Express I8730 will fetch with its release all around the world in near future.

Why Samsung Galaxy Express I8730 Would Be the Next Conqueror of Mobile World

Coming from the Android domicile, Samsung Galaxy Express I8730 is running on the famous 1.2GHz CPU Snapdragon processor. This is the fastest working chipset in the mobile specification world. The success of Galaxy also depends in a huge way due to this. This is just the beginning for the users to enjoy the world of Samsung Galaxy Express I8730. With an internal storage of 8GB it is hard to tell you the drawbacks of this soon to be launched Samsung’s panache.

Samsung Galaxy Express I8730 will be having Adreno 305 GPU and all the legitimate features of the latest technology enabled mobile. With 1GB RAM, it will run smoothly all the apps and will achieve a lightening fast domicile for multi-tasking. Talking about the eyes of Samsung Galaxy Express I8730 which are the primary and secondary cameras of the mobile, it has 5MP camera on the back and 1.3MP on the front as secondary. S-Beam and NFC are other features that come under the amazing specifications of Samsung Galaxy Express I8730.

CES 2013 Unleashing Samsung Galaxy Express I8730 Can Be Historic

January 2013 was the time when CES 2013 was conducted and then making its historic presence from Samsung’s arena, Samsung Galaxy Express I8730 launched with full glory. Known as the torch carrier for Galaxy flagship, Samsung unleashed the report showcasing 1 billion satisfied customers in 2013.

The storage power can be extended up to 64GB which is a great support. The captivating touch screen with 4.5 inches of space has LAYA technology. It is the next level or can say the upgraded version of AMOLED touch screen. High resolution HD viewing is also enabled with 16M color support. The resolution reaches up to 1080 X 1920 Pixels which is quite high for normalized screens. Along with that, Samsung Galaxy Express I8730 has 2000mAh battery support which gives a good backup to users. Video viewing along with picture quality is the most amazing thing in Samsung Galaxy Express I8730. Display power of this mobile is simply out of this world. Talking a lot about the similarities to Samsung Galaxy S III, Samsung Galaxy Express I8730 is a step ahead in every way for Samsung. The future jolts a lot and holds the authentic panache of Samsung Galaxy flagship. Creating history again with its presence, Samsung Galaxy Express I8730 will be the king of the mobile world in coming time.


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