For a product to enter into the market has to undergo multiple tests and trials. The performance of the product has to be monitored for stipulated period. The experiments are conducted on selected group of related population and this set of population is known as sample size. In the case of Adya Clarity the product was tried and tested with the help of many experiments and the process confirmed the worth of the product. Following to which the product entered the market and these days even the online market is also considered for selling the product. Final result showed the reduction of contamination in the sample water up to forty two percent. In just thirty days almost all the harmful metals and aluminum contents were removed from water. The major metals removed with the help of the products are mercury, arsenic and lead.

Now the product is clinically proven to be reliable and safe for human body. The sample size considered was fifty people who were already suffering from various issues due to the presence of these metals in their bodies. Measured quantity of the product is added in the drinking water of these fifty people. Within thirty days of time their body started responding actively for which the body was reluctant before the use of this product. After testing their bodies were found to be free of above mentioned harmful metals. This is an isolated example and study report but, many such proven cases are there in front of us to believe the product. The highlights of the test are reduction of aluminum level by forty two percent, reduction of lead level by forty percent, reduction of mercury level by forty two percent and reduction of arsenic level by forty five present. The respective reduction of each of the metal is an amazing and unbelievable result.

Sample Size For Adya Clarity And Test Procedure And Results

Making of Adya Clarity water

This is to learn the procedure to prepare Adya Clarity water. Its liquid has to be added in a container of water. The quantity of purifier depends on the quantity or quality of water required to be purified. It is actually one table spoon per gallon or one ml of liquid in one liter of water. The solution should be stir well for thirty seconds. If it is tap water then stirring requires for few more minutes. It should be kept in a closed container. It should be allowed free without touching for whole night. In a single night all contaminants and unwanted metal particles present in the water in invisible form will get settled in the container. Now, one can see two layers in the container that is impure pale yellow color layer at the bottom and pure water at the top of the container. The top layer of water has to be poured in to a separate container for facilitating to various purposes. One should avoid the consumption of agglutinated water.

The other dissolved contaminants are burnt in the water, which is not seen. This should be followed every time to avoid health risks which may otherwise cause deadly diseases like cancer, reduced IQ, reduced fertility, affects brain function, nervous issues and obesity. Though tap water looks fresh and clean it is not at all suitable for our use. Water intake calculator suggests the appropriate quantity of water to be consumed every day. There should be a regular practice to take out that quantity of water in a separate container and get it purified with the purifying liquid. The adya purified water ensures longevity and good health also glare on the face by delaying ageing procedure.