Major crimes are always going to be a problem. Violence does not let up for the cold temperatures. If anything, the targets are easier to find because there are fewer people to choose from on the street. Often burglars wait for dark to invade homes so they can attempt to steal things while the occupants are asleep.

Safety and Security: 4 Of The Most Common Crimes Committed During The Winter

Car Theft is a major problem in winter

Automobiles and car parts are always going to be in high-demand because of chop shops and theft rings. Although these crimes tend to slow down during heavy snowstorms, they can increase without warning. There have been times in the past where large thefts in snow storms have happened in the United States.

Homicides do not stop in cold snaps

Unfortunately, murder rates seem to stay steady if not increase a little during the winter months. This could be because people are cooped up together in smaller spaces because they cannot come and go like they would in the summer months. Another sad fact is that an increase in home robberies can lead to more homicides when homeowners are caught unaware, or the owner is armed.

Property theft is one of the biggest problems in the winter months

Many outdoor items are stolen in the colder months because people have their curtains and blinds closed to block out the bright light of the sun’s angle. It is dark longer in the winter, so thieves have more time to go undetected. One way to avoid these issues is by storing valuable and seasonal items in a storage unit like the ones found at By using a secured storage company, a homeowner can rest assured knowing that their valuables are being monitored 24-hours a day.

Aggravated assaults and robberies do not wait for empty homes when it is cold outside

Homeowners may want to consider putting indoor decor, jewelry, and other high dollar items in storage when there will be plenty of people visiting during the holidays. If a family is planning to spend much lot of time out of town during the celebrations, then it is best to put things in a secured area when they are out of town. Besides nighttime, holidays are the next big threat for robberies and assaults.

Although a person cannot prevent every possible danger, it is easy to minimize the chances of losing thousands of dollars in property. By temporarily storing seasonal items, highly valuable decor and personal items, and extra vehicles, a person can protect their favorite things from a holiday break-in or from being swiped out of the yard.