Have things been a bit dull recently? Has the spark gone out of the relationship and things becoming a routine? Maybe it’s time to try something new to spice it up a bit. One of the most common things couples do to spice up their love life is try a bit of roleplaying. Get a couple of costumes and away you go! But to make things really fun and exciting you should do roleplaying right!

Set The Scene

Start talking about how you want to go about things and maybe set a date to act it out. Decide who will play what role beforehand and have a loose scenario scripted for the day. Will you play the nurse and he the doctor? Or will it be fire fighter and damsel in distress? The planning will add to the excitement when you go ahead and act it out.

Roleplaying: Do It Right

Panties Pressure

Send a friendly reminder in the form of your used panties to him either to his work place or addressed to him at home. Most guys find female used panties quite arousing and many single guys even buy used panties for personal pleasure. This kinky reminder of what’s to come will make him sweat and geared up for the upcoming encounter. If you’re a clean freak you don’t have to wear the underwear for long before shipping it out. Perhaps just choosing a pair of panties that you know he appreciates is enough.

Get Yourself Done

If you’re going to do this you may as well do it right. Go and get yourself done girl! Hair and makeup, there’s nothing more relaxing then getting the works done especially for a special date. Build up the excitement as you would with any other first dates. Even talk to your stylist and pretend you’re going on a date with someone new. If you’re faint hearted then leave out the kinky details.

Location Location

It’s important to choose somewhere new, as this way there’s nothing to remind you of the daily chores at home. This allows you to really get immerse into the role-play. You can also make a weekend out of it by staying at a nice hotel. If the role-play doesn’t involve tiny schoolgirl outfits you could arrange to meet at the hotel bar. Have dinner and act out the scenario that was discussed and then head to the bedroom. Tomorrow you are united as a couple and can laugh about the hotel staff reaction.

There’s nothing more fun and exciting as spicing up your love life with a little rope-play. Life gets in the way with work and chores bearing down on the excitement and making you forget the joy that you felt when you first met. Something as simple as pretending to go on a first date can really give your relationship the boost it needs and to help recapture the romance that once was. Don’t let routine ruin your relationship. Keep things fun and interesting and encourage new things from each other all the time.