Global patented migraine treatment offers compelling alternative to conventional migraine treatments 

Australian company, Innovative Herbal Products has developed a new treatment that is could change the lives ofmillions who suffer from migraine headaches. Migraine Escape is a topical treatment that was formulated after 3 years of research into the use of traditional medicine to treat migraine. The team has harnessed the power of elements of the ginger root, which has been used in pain management in a number of traditional medicines for centuries.

With its unique ginger extract, Migraine Escape is applied topically at a pre-determined time during the path of a migraine instead of ingested. This allows the active ingredients to reach their intended destination more effectively, rather than if they were ingested. Avoiding the digestive tract is seen as being part of the reason the company has been getting such good results.

Revolutionary Natural Formula To Provide Relief To Millions Of Migraine Suffers Worldwide

Migraine headaches affect anyone around 10% of the Western world’s populous and thought to affect over 500M globally, with twice as many women as men suffering on average over 2 migraine attacks per month. Research shows that more than 81 percent of persons who use these types of treatments are dissatisfied with the outcome and are searching for an alternative.

Pilots were conducted with patients in Sydney, Australia in conjunction with researchers in Brazil and have shown promising results. Whilst most of those treated reported some benefit from the treatment, results were especially positive with women who experience visual disturbances before the onset of migraine, sometimes referred to as aura. With the results of these trials, the team has refined the product and developed individual treatment protocols.

Revolutionary Natural Formula To Provide Relief To Millions Of Migraine Suffers Worldwide

The goal of the team at Migraine Escape is to help millions migraine sufferers around the world to manage the condition, by providing them with a natural alternative to injections or pharmaceutical approaches. While the company awaits the approval of a global patent, the formula has already won regulatory approval for use in Australia with FDA approval underway.

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