With more and more crossover vehicles joining the market, the Suzuki Sx4 has much greater competition than it did when the original model was released back in 2006. A modern ‘trailblazer’  with all the looks and feel of a 4×4 with the styling of a family saloon, the 2013 model now faces newer challenges to win the public over –  and it’s safe to say it’s risen to meet them all.

If you’ve thought about buying an Sx4 but always been somewhat wary, think of it as a Suzuki Swift crossed with a 4×4. Later this year you’ll have a new model to consider in the Sx4 S-Cross, which many are expecting to pick up from where its predecessor left off and not just carry the baton on, but to take the Suzuki range to the next level. There will be three versions available from specialist Suzuki dealers like TW White and Sons based around a 1.6-litre engine with a petrol and turbo-diesel option.

2013 Suzuki Sx4 S-Cross

The different models available include the entry-level SZ3 which comes with alloy wheels and air conditioning; the SZ4 which is predicted to be the most popular in the range with enhanced styling compared to the predecessor; the SZT which is targeted at businesses and company car owners featuring satellite navigation, Bluetooth connectivity and a reversing camera; and finally the top of the range SZ5 which comes with a panoramic sunroof and leather upholstery.

The SZ3 and SZ4 feature a 120hp 1.6-litre petrol engine, while the bigger models have the option of a 1.6-litre turbodiesel. The diesel model is the most friendly on the environment, emitting 110g/km of Carbon Dioxide and, as such, fits into the one of the lowest categories of tax band so you only pay around £35 per year, and it will also produce around 67mpg.

The car itself is particularly comfortable, offering those on board the opportunity to travel in style and comfort whether you’re going down a country lane or sitting on the motorway, or even just taking the children to school. The front-wheel drive option is good, and the four-wheel drive system offers the feel of a purpose built Suzuki 4×4, utilizing all of their experience in the market and letting you have all the benefits out on the roads in the towns and cities, as well as out in the rural areas.

Prices start from around £14,999 making it one of the most affordable crossover vehicles on the market.