Google has made it hard for the web based businesses to manage themselves and survive with a decent site traffic. It won’t be wrong if I comment in the pretext of incessant algorithm updates by Google that ‘now, in this year 2017, and the years to follow, only who deserves truly to get rewarded shall be supported by Google in thriving their business digitally’.

However, this is not far-fetched, Google is not on a mission to destroy the web based business. The soul and non-charitable motive of Google is to enhance their search result to deliver the best satisfying content to the internet users.

Now, in a bid and quest toincrease site traffic, the only internet marketing solution is to find an internet marketer or an internet marketing company which knows how to effectively extract traffic in the presence of Google algorithms.

What is the need of the hour?

To frankly answer this question, let me share some facts about Google algorithm updates that has created the turbulent scenario in the present. In chronological order, Panda, Penguin, Hummingbird, and Pigeon: these are the four major algorithms Google has currently issued. Furthermore, Google search engine ranking depends on approx 200 unique ranking factors. These ranking factors are creating the confusion among site owners, making it difficult to analyze the understand which ones to focus on.

The things would have been similar to icing on the cake if Google had a fewer evaluation, or if the upcoming updates were predictable. But sadly, Google has left no stone unturned, leaving no way to manage an escape from its algorithms.

What’s the solution?

No one other than Google itself can help you with the solution but there’s one thing you can surely do: fall into the footsteps of Google. No business is immune to Google algorithm updates and the only temporary, yet, a suitable solution is to focus on the present and try to leverage the algorithm updates by working according to them.

What should be your internet marketing strategy for 2017

Hiring an internet marketing that understands the pros and cons of Google Algorithm updates and helps you create an effective internet marketing strategy.

  1. Write in-depth articles: Lengthy, in-depth articles that cater the constant quest for knowledge & information of Google users will get an advantage and emerge to get attention. Hence, let your deeper thoughts and ideas flow and write an article quenches the thirst of Google user.
  1. Curate fresh content: fresh content gets advantages over other old contents and Google gives you freshness score. Now, this Google score depends on the consistent availability of well-researched, in-depth, and regular relevant contents. If you’re doing this, expect Google to reward you for this with a better ranking and site traffic.
  1. A little precaution towards the quality of backlinks: Ensure certain things like relevancy of the website which is linking to your website, the current performance, and the other aspects such as site authority, MOZrank, domain authority, and the kind of traffic the site is getting currently. Do this to avoid getting penalized by the Penguin update.
  1. Adhering to the rules of Panda updates: To tackle the outcomes of Panda update, the best solution is to follow the rules and save yourself from being penalized.

Bottom line: SEO and the strategy will never remain constant. The digital marketers will have to update with the time because what worked for you previously might be outdated stuff today. So, change is constant and we have to keep pace with it.