Restaurant Equipment 3

Since the first day of the activity of a company, it is required for the respective company to have the distribution network all set and ready to go. The opening day is defining for any business, and if the restaurant will not have everything that it is needed, the first customers would probably be the last.

A nice atmosphere

No matter how tasty your food is, the atmosphere makes the clients to relax and to bring their friends. The best restaurant equipment does not only refer to the appliances in the kitchen, but also to the tables, chairs, decors and even to the outfit of the waiters. A complete restaurants solutions provider must be able to give you complete solutions of this type.


The furniture gives the specific of your restaurant. You can’t have a Chinese restaurant in a classical European Décor. The furniture must be chosen according to the specific of the restaurant, and considering the type of clients that you want to attract. A backup solution is also required, as you never know when you need to host an important event. In this case, you will need additional tables and chairs, and the logistics supervisor is responsible to find a provider of this kind whenever it is required.

Clothes and outfits

The table coverings, uniforms, clothes, napkins, land kitchen towels are small details that make the difference. All those help the restaurant to have an impeccable aspect, which is also nice for you business.

Plates, plateaus, pots and pans

The good news is that you can find a single provider for all those accessories. Some restaurants will want customized plates and plateaus, with the badge and the name of the restaurant. Those are surely expensive, but it is impossible to create a brand without visual elements. Simple IKEA plates are not so great, because clients come to eat at a restaurant to see something different, not the same things that they have at home. Vases and candle supports look great on the tables, don’t you think?


Detergents, soaps, liquids and disinfecting substances are so important, that some managers forget about those completely! You can ask your old cleaning lady to mop the kitchen once a day, but a professional restaurant will buy cleaning restaurant equipment and automated solutions. A cleaning automated machine can be used to make the floors sparkle in a matter of minutes. Besides those machineries, you will also need their corresponding detergents and cleaning products, which must be delivered by a specialized company under a strict program.


Your employees will not be able to manage 20 or 30 tables at a time, if they don’t have a specialized program. This program must keep track of the tables that are occupied, and about the bill for each one of those tables in any second. Whenever a client asks something, the waiter will use the program to send the order to the kitchen, charging the respective client in the system at the same time. When the client asks for the bill, the waiter just hits the button, the table is cleared from the system and the note is issued.