Finding Your Dream Job – Where to Look?

Do you want more than just a job? If you live in the UK and you are searching for your dream job, you will need to use technology and other sources to your advantage. Your dream job does exist, and in order to find it you need to be proactive. If you want to spend your time applying for the right jobs, here are some job hunt tips to keep in mind so that your efforts pay off.

Tips on Finding the Perfect Job

1: Finding a Job that Matches Your Personality

You may have the skills and abilities you need to become an engineer, but your dream job is a job that you are passionate about. All too often individuals choose positions that focus on math when they are math experts, but just because you have these skills does not mean that your dream job is a mathematician. Your personality can lead you in a specific direction during your job hunt. You should take time to take a psychometrics tests to find out which careers you may find fulfilling. By taking these tests, you may find out that you are a good candidate for a position you may have never considered in the past that will play to your strengths.

2: Network with Your Professional Contacts

One way to get your foot in the door when you are looking for your dream job is to network with professionals. If you are a recent graduate, you may know professors and executives within an organisation that can land you an interview where you will have the opportunity to prove yourself. Networking is imperative when you are looking for a career and not just a position that will temporarily pay the bills. Use social media sites like LinkedIn to network, and join professional organisations catering to the field you want to work in. These networks are a great place to search for positions and to make yourself a brand. If you get your name out there, hiring managers are much more likely to give you a chance.

3: Search For Open Positions With a Trusted Recruitment Agency

If your psychometric tests are telling you that your personality is perfect for the healthcare industry, now is time to start finding open positions with reputable hospitals and facilities. There are several open positions in the healthcare field, but finding jobs that are worth applying for does not have to involve days or weeks of scouring the Internet. If you want to find permanent positions in different job sectors, check for open positions with reliable recruitment agencies like By using this platform, you can walk into your next job simply by registering online.

Finding your dream job does not have to be a mission impossible. Find out which job suits your personality, network with professionals in the sector, and search all of the best jobs on one comprehensive platform. Once you find that perfect job, prepare for your interview and land a job that is rewarding and fulfilling.

Abi is a retired Doctor and now enjoys lecturing on medicine at Universities around the country.  Abi recommends companies such as   Team 24 for those seeking a career in the healthcare industry.