Have you been invited to a “happening” event in Los Angeles? Well then, I’m sure you have already started shopping for the perfect outfit and accessories, which will make you look nothing less than a Hollywood star. But, if you are thinking that just wearing branded clothes and accessories will be enough to make you stand out in the crowd, then you are seriously mistaken. If you really want to get celeb treatment in the event, you must make a grand entry. How? Of course, by arriving in a luxury car! Believe it or not, when you step down from an exotic car, cameramen would rush towards you and the other people present at the venue would envy you. I’m sure this sounds tempting, isn’t it? So, please make sure you make a “grand” entry at the red carpet, by riding in a luxury. And yes, don’t forget to hire a chauffeur.

Thinking, how will you be able to purchase a luxury car in such a short span of time? Well, you need not purchase a car, instead hire one! There are numerous companies that provide exotic cars for rent in Los Angeles. So, it wouldn’t be difficult for you to find a company. However, do not choose any random company; make sure you ask a few “essential” questions before you hire them.

Renting A Luxury Car? 6 Questions You Must Ask At The Car Rental Counter

Read on, to know about those questions.

“How many years have you been renting luxury cars for?”

Whether you’ll agree with me or not, but experience is one of those aspects of a company that plays a vital role in increasing its client-base. Hence, before you choose a company that provides exotic cars for Rent in Los Angeles, do ask them about their experience. And if possible, ask them to provide proofs regarding their years of experience as well. Why? It’s because, you should never rely on a company, on the basis of their word of mouth; always demand authentic evidences.

“What mileage plans are you providing?”

Asking this question to a car rental company is much needed so that you get to know if you can drive for unlimited miles or have any specific limitation. Well these days, most of the car rental companies in Los Angeles provide ‘unlimited miles’ for the rental period. Yet still, it’s is always wise to ask this question before hiring a car. Because you never know, once you return their car, they might charge a hefty amount for surpassing a ‘daily mileage maximum’.

“Do I need to return the car with a full tank?”

The reason why you need to ask this question is so that, you don’t have to pay “extra fees” for returning the car with an empty tank. Yes, that’s right. Most of the companies that give Ferrari for rent in Los Angeles charge a fee for returning the car with an empty tank. Therefore, it’ll be wise if you ask this question to the car rental company before you hire their car.

“Can you provide me a written quote?”

Before you hire any service provider, you check their quotation, isn’t it?  Similarly, before you take a luxury car for rent, it is advisable that you take a quote from the rental company. Asking them to provide quotes (preferably written) so that, you can check the exact break down of the amount they are charging. By checking the quote, you’ll also be able to understand whether they are charging any hidden fees or not. And, in case the car rental service that you have chosen, refuses to provide free quotes, refrain from hiring it.

So, these were a few questions that you needed to ask prior renting exotic cars for Rent within Los Angeles. If you want more tips about renting luxury cars, wait for my next blog.

Author Bio: Eric Burton is an automobile blogger who has written several blogs on companies that give exotic cars for rent Los Angeles. To know about how to hire Lamborghini or Ferrari for rent in Los Angeles, keep following his blogs.