President Obama came under critical scanner when old health insurance plans of the people got cancelled due to the introduction of Obamacare. The old health insurance plans got cancelled as it was not in compliance with the Affordable Care Act. However after much political pressure from both the Republicans as well as the Democratics, the President announced that people can keep their old health plans through 2014.

This proposal came after the people received their notices for cancelled coverage. The President however sympathized with the people of America whose health plans got cancelled due to his Obamacare and showed great concern for his people. He promised to take all the measures possible to mend the situation.

Relief For People With Cancelled Health Insurance Plans

Before the President could make such announcement, his White House officials had also claimed his concern for the people and reported in the media that President Obama has already asked them to find a solution to this problem. After the announcement of the proposal, insurers can renew the health insurance plan taken in the year 2013 in 2014 without making any alterations in the plan. Thus they can continue with their old health insurance plan and get covered like old times. However it is in the hands of the private health insurers whether they want to go back to their plans and keep them or follow the new health insurance plan as legislated.

It is very clearly told by the White House officials that these changes in the plan are administrative and not legislative. It will also limit health insurers from offering such coverage to takers of the new health insurance plans but only for those who have taken it in the year 2013. The Republicans however had tried much to delay this implementation of Obamacare so much so that they even said that this implementation can be seen as a planned strike aimed to weaken the law system.

However the laws associated with health coverage will be altered by the system so as to bring in care to a minimum level like banning annual spending caps or lifetime ones, offering proposals which are for the best of the people and compelling health insurers to offer coverage to people with pre-existing health issues.

But the people will have to have some kind of health insurance plans as the requirement or pre-condition under the law or will have to face a penalty by March end. The website of the government opened for sign up of health plans by the people and for registration was bugged and only 27000 people successfully signed up as compared to the 500,000 people as projected by the officials.