After giving birth, you will probably feel the greatest feelings in the world. Breast-feeding for the first time can be a very special moment, since it is the first time you are sharing that closeness with your newborn. There may be a lot of changes about your body that you are uncomfortable with, such as saggy breasts, stretch marks and soreness as well. It is already determined before the birth of your little one if your breasts will sag or not. The final shape of your breasts cannot be determined until after you stop breast-feeding.

Changes in Breasts During Pregnancy

There is a hormone in your body called relaxin, which is known to relax your pelvis area for birth. Since this hormone also can mess with your tissue in your breasts, breast-feeding is blamed for the changes in breasts that have already been there through pregnancy.  Since your breasts get bigger and heavier during pregnancy, the stretching can cause sagging.

Regardless of whether you breastfeed or not, there is no change in the amount of sagging. If your breasts are sagging after giving birth and breastfeeding, you are not sagging because of the breast-feeding, you are sagging because of the pregnancy.

Changes in Breasts During Breast-feeding

For mothers who breastfeed, breast milk adjusts for the first five weeks to how much milk supply to produce for the baby. If you do not breast feed, your breasts can start sagging once the milk isn’t being produced anymore. For the following four to six months after the pregnancy, the breasts are going to be rounder and noticeably fuller.

Regaining The Firmness In Your Breasts After Breastfeeding

Afterwards, the breasts start to shrink and become softer, returning to their original form. You can still produce milk for when the baby needs to feed. If you are worried about your shape and size of your breasts, you may have a different shape of breasts while you are breastfeeding than you do after you breastfeed.

Preventing Sagging in Your Breasts

Since it is impossible to prevent any sagging after being pregnant, there are some things you can do to help the process of getting saggy breasts be the best that it can be. You want to retain elasticity and firmness as much as you can in your breasts.

If you are overweight, you may experience more breast sagging, so be sure to lose a few founds before getting pregnant, because you will gain weight. Keep in mind that smoking can reduce the elasticity in your skin.

Consider Getting a Breast Lift to Alleviate Sagging

Every woman is different, so some of the changes that happen can be genetic. Some women have breasts that return to their normal size and firmness that they were before pregnancy. Breasts become less firm with age, but they also lose their elasticity and firmness with the amount of pregnancies that you have. To help take care of any sagging, you can turn to a cosmetic surgeon to get a breast lift and eliminate any loose skin and sagging once and for all.