Every month more than four hundred thousand penalties are levied on various blogs and websites by Google. These penalties are levied due to numerous reasons but most common of them all is spammy content and misuse of SEO by overlooking the content publishing rules. If you too are experiencing such levy, here are some tips on how to get the penalty removal.

Don’t Lose Hope

First of all, prepare yourself for a long ordeal because penalty removal can take some time. Also, if you try to do anything faster than the normal course, you will risk the chance of getting penalized again. So take it slowly and do not rush or you can get harder penalties than first timers.

Audit Meticulously

Next step is to audit the blog or website with great efforts and assuring that the content is original and not plagiarized. While doing that, check the backlinks and thoroughly eliminate the spammy ones. Then send a request to Google to reconciliate and reconsider, and follow all the SEO guidelines launched by Google. The request shall be returned in thirty days or prior.

Carefully Audit the Backlinks

Few people know there are thirteen kinds of backlinks which could lead to your blog or website out of which, the most important ones are Spam TLDs, Spam Pages, Link Not Found – Page Offline, Scrapers, Penalized Domains, etc. While auditing, if you come over any of these links, it is advised to disavow them immediately.

Prepare a Spreadsheet

Now you will need to make a particular spreadsheet of all the disavowed links to present to the Google. This sheet must be prepared with great efforts so that Google knows you are sincere and will follow the rules in future. Also include all the necessary information about those dropped links on the spreadsheet, such as email contact of URL from where the link came, link removal requests date-wise, URL links to and fro, etc.

Be Honest

Recover Your Penalized Website by Following Simple Methods
Instead of denying your mistakes, take responsibility for them along with the promise of never repeating it again. Be as clear as possible about the disclosures and try to religiously adhere to the guidelines. Remember, evidence is the key; you must be able to prove that you have done everything under your command and capacity.

No need to mention here, you are a blogger and you must respect the guidelines and online platform. Do not take advantage of the SEO, as it will harm your reputation and rankings in the long term. If you are confused about it, take help from a SEO company in Los Angeles for better utilization of search engine optimization.