In the recent years, Instagram has become quite popular for small to large scale businesses for online marketing. This social media mobile application for media sharing entered into the market in 2010. Today it has over 700 million registered users on its platform, and the number is increasing day by day. Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms for businesses today, and if you are not using it, you are missing out on many sales and profit opportunities.

Instagram Stories

Instagram is popular because of its photo filters and frames. It also has a unique feature in the form of a story. Instagram stories can be created using photos and video. These stories disappear after 24 hours, and this is why they are encouraged to be shared online. Many users believe that the story feature is not beneficial or helpful. What they do not know is that this story feature can improve their user engagement and take their businesses to a new level. The following are some of the top reasons why you should use Instagram stories for your business-

  1. Helps in your business marketing strategy- The feed on Instagram is based on engagement and likes. They are not based on chronological, linear order and this means you might not every post of your user as the feed is based on algorithms. This is where Instagram Stories help. They are more flexible, and since they are available for just 24 hours, they are a smart choice for you to use for your business marketing strategy.
  2. Create powerful impressions- Instagram stories help you to create positive power impressions on the mind of the reader. These stories are usually amazing facts and achievements you would wish to share. They are instant can engage your followers and get them loyal to your brand. When you are creating a story for Instagram, ensure you use good quality photos and an interesting caption. This will create an eagerness to check out your post and share them too.
  3. Diversify your business strategy- Social media platforms are now very common and with the passage of time people are now looking for new and innovative ways of engagement. This is why Instagram is so popular today as it is fresh and different from the other social media platforms available on the Internet. Instagram is a convenient platform that helps you to share photos and use filters instantly. You can also post when you are mobile and on the go. The more you post good photos, the more free Instagram likes you receive and this goes a very long way of developing your business and taking it to the next levels.
  4. Real-time- Real-time marketing helps you to connect with the customer at the right moments. Instagram stories help you get the advantages of real-time marketing that go a very long way of promoting your products on the Internet and getting a loyal customer following.
  5. Enjoyable experience- Most users find the task of creating stories on Instagram a really enjoyable experience. The whole task of taking photos or videos and putting them together in the form of a story is very exciting and fun. This is why Instagram stories are so popular, and they are making waves in the online marketing arena today.
  6. User engagement- As mentioned above Instagram stories are popular because you can send out business messages in real time without cluttering your profile. User engagement increases as these stories are available for 24 hours only. They are shared instantly promoting your business message.
  7. Visibility in the feeds of your followers- Instagram stories help you to get visibility in the feeds of your followers that are interested in your niche. Regular posts are hard to find a spot in the feeds of your followers however Instagram stories are quick when it comes to reaching the feeds of your followers.
  8. Connect with your targeted audience better- Since Instagram Stories tend to disappear after 24 hours, you can connect with your targeted audience almost instantly. The photos that you share are fresh, relevant and they carry your business message to the targeted audience faster. This allows you to connect with them on a much deeper level.

Therefore, if you have not used Instagram Stories for your business today, it is high time you start using them now. These stories are instrumental when it comes to promoting and marketing your business to the targeted audience. They help you to educate your followers and create brand awareness. They are tools of real-time marketing and should be used to connect and reach out to your followers and potential customers frequently. Ensure the media you use is high in quality for you to venture forward and create interesting stories.

Author Bio: Karen Anthony is a web developer and online marketer who gives businesses tips on how they can increase free Instagram likes and create brand awareness for their companies.