A year ago in Multan, Rashid Rehman a human rights activist and a prominent lawyer was shot dead by unknown assailants. He had earlier on written a statement with the police that his life was in danger reporting that if he was to die, then four men should be answerable for that. He is reported to have been involved in a blasphemy case against Junaid Hafeez, a visiting lecturer of the University of Bahauddin Zakariya who had asked him not to be present in the case again. When he presented his applications about his death to the District Bar Association’s president and the authorities, he named three men that would be answerable if anything was to happen to him. Sajjad Ahmad Chawan as well as Zulfiqar Ali Sindhu and Ayoub Mughal were the three men he named. Two other people that were identified as Fazal Hussain and Nadeem Parwaz were injured when Rehman was killed.

As per http://www.hulkusc.com/watch-msnbc-live-streaming/  online streaming is that, no one has been charged for the murder yet. When the slain man reported about the threats on his life, the police were supposed to provide him with security but this was never the case with the police claiming that they did not received any applications from Rehman. When it was confirmed that he indeed submitted the applications and also a letter, Shaukat Abbas, who was the SOP back then was suspended. The mobile phone of Rehman that disappeared when he was killed was discovered two months later. Khalid Jamil, who is a brother-in-law to the former Special Task Force Coordinator of the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan said that one of the suspects who belonged to the Ahmed Farooq Group that is linked to Al-Qaeda went to his home and claimed that he was among those that killed Mr. Rehman.

The investigations have not revealed any motive of the killers and prosecutions are yet to be done. The police have not yet submitted a charge sheet for any suspect despite them claiming that three suspects involved in the murder had been identified. A charge-sheet which is locally known as a challan was presented by the police claiming that two residents of Rajanpur identified as Ammar Farooq alias Tipu Hamza and Mohtasim alias Israr were involved in the murder but then reported to have disappeared. The third suspect said to come from Karachi and identified as Saim Hassan alias Abdul Rehman is said to have been killed in a confrontation with the authorities as per a statement that was forwarded to the Anti-Terrorism Court no II. The investigation is said to have been conducted in a poor way as those that were injured in the attack were never included in the case as witnesses in the list that had a total of 23 witnesses.  There have been a lot of discrepancies regarding the case as there are speculations that the sketches that had been made by the police did not match those of the said three assassins. Watch more details on msnbc live.