The field of public relations is a relatively new term that originated within the 20th century. Public relations at its most basic definition, is all about creating mutually beneficial relationships. The relationships themselves can be between businesses or between a business and its stakeholders. When done correctly, Public Relations have the power to add credibility and validity to a company’s reputation. PR measurement has both tools and techniques that can be used to help. These tools and techniques can help a business better analyze and anticipate the attitudes of stakeholders.

PR Measurement - Tools And Techniques

Public Relations: Tools of the Trade

There are dozens of different tools that can be used for Public Relations. One of the major tools of it, is the use of External Media. Some examples of External Media include: Television, radio, newspapers, and movies (films). Newspapers have a long history of providing public relations information to the public. This can help a company establish a positive relationship with these potential company stakeholders. Though other forms of media dominate newspaper sales, they still play a significant role in today’s business world. Magazines are similar to newspapers as they provide information on a product, service or company. These editorials are beneficial, as they allow space for images.

Public Relations: Other Tools In Use

During the early parts of the 20th century, the radio became an incredibly important social medium. The power of radio gave insight into different projects, people and organizations. This medium also allowed the public to better assess information into different organizations and their services. In modern times the radio is still one of the most powerful forms of public relations. One benefit of the radio is the wide amount of public that can be reached using this platform. From urban areas to rural areas, radio can be tuned into for free, making this PR tool extremely powerful.

Television by far is the most powerful public relations tool available. Television provides all of the benefits of other PR tools in one medium. Television became popularized during the fifties and has grown in power ever since. Television can not only be heard, but also seen by the masses. These afford different companies and organizations the opportunity to showcase their services to the highest degree. Also, the numbers of people around the globe with televisions are constantly increasing. Meaning that companies now have access to more potential stakeholders (customers and clients), than ever before.

Public Relations and Measurements

Thanks to the tools available to companies, it is possible to measure the effectiveness of them. Radio and Television can be measured by different demographics including: gender, marital status, person, region or ethnicity. This measurement will allow the companies to better prepare for the future and anticipate the needs of their client. It is important to remember that public relations can include the employees of a company as well. PR measurement, can offer great insight into different types of employees working at a company as well.