These days, it’s pretty safe to say that getting hold of personalised photo frames really couldn’t be much easier. This is of course largely thanks to the way in which the web has opened up a world of instant purchase opportunities for customised gifts – a few clicks and you’re away. Even various supermarkets and High Street brands are moving into the personalised product market, so in terms of finding a retailer it really could not be any simpler.

However, it’s worth bearing in mind that while options may be near limitless, the difference in quality between competing brands really is quite enormous to say the least. Just as there will always be those who will stop at nothing to deliver outstanding results, others are more interested in maximising profits by minimising product quality. Suffice to say, the fact that you’re looking to create a genuine one-of-a-kind gift for someone special shows that it’s a gift that really does mean something to you. As such, cutting corners on quality really isn’t the way to go.

Personalised Picture Frame Retailers – Signs Of Quality To Look For

So with this in mind, here’s a quick rundown of the primary traits, characteristics and services you should be looking for when choosing which custom frame retailer to shop with:

1 – Quality Engraving Techniques

First of all, it’s important to remember that there is a very big difference between engraving a message using advanced modern techniques and simply printing a message onto the chosen material. This is precisely where the line can usually be drawn between the custom frames that look like they’ve been picked up from a 99p store and those that are truly outstanding in every way. So prior to placing an order, have a look into what the vendor has to say about engraving techniques. Different engraving techniques will give you different results. As a quick example; engraving onto glass using lasers or rotary engraving will not give you the same sharp quality as engraving by sandblasting.

2 – Quality Materials

The same also goes for the materials as while some frames are built to last, others are nigh-on guaranteed to fall to pieces the first time they face even the slightest of knocks. Of course it’s not as if those selling low quality products will make it apparent that this is the case, which is why you should instead be looking for any kinds of statements or guarantees than assure you of top-quality materials for the glass and frame alike.

3 – Image Library

One of the very best ways of bringing a custom frame to life for any special occasion is by adding a small image to the text chosen. Some retailers allow for no such thing and others may have a standard bank of maybe a dozen rather uninspiring images. Those at the very top-end of the industry however will offer access to a much larger library of images, icons and other little design accents that can really bring the finished frame to life. So before getting started, have a look at what’s on offer.

4 – Gift Wrapping and Packaging

In order to ensure that the gift you choose for that special occasion really does look 100% perfect, you’ll need gift wrapping and packaging that fits the finished frame like a glove. You could invest plenty of time and effort shopping around for that perfect-sized box and wrapping, but to be honest it’s a million times easier to shop with a retailer that offers a gift boxing and wrapping service in the first place. For the kinds of gifts that delight recipients before they’ve even opened the box, this is the only way to go.

5 – Satisfaction Guarantees

These days, there really is no room for retailers that refuse to offer full satisfaction guarantees that cover custom products as well as off-the-shelf lines. In this instance, it’s important to check that there are satisfaction guarantees in place as if you are not happy with the frame, the engraving or anything else across the board, you of course have the right to return the product for a full refund. Just be sure to check on all such guarantees and returns policies before going ahead with a purchase.

6 – Strong Feedback

Last but not least, there’s really only one sure-fire way of finding out how good the brand you’re looking to buy from is – check out their reputation online. Chances are you’ll find a fair few reviews and write-ups on the website itself, but if this isn’t the case, then a quick Google search is all that’s needed. Shoppers these days generally aren’t in the habit of keeping their opinions to themselves, which tends to be a great help for new customers in need of honest and partial advice.