In this terrific world many people struggling to lose their weight and even they don’t have time to do routine exercise. One of the simple and easiest ways to reduce your extra fats is proper diet with a regular walking. This will greatly helps people to burn their extra calories and make them fit and healthy. Waking will also helps to reduce the blood pressure and increase the metabolism. Even you can control your cholesterol by a regular walking.

Walking is one of the best exercises when compare to other complicated exercise. Just you need a neat pair of shoes which will very effective for walking and protect you from getting injuries. There is no need to learn any new techniques as you already know how to walk. At the beginning it is good to walk for small distance and gradually increase the distance and the walking speed as well.

It is always better to have a pedometer while you are walking. What is pedometer? In this world everyone knows stop watch but pedometer is quite unfamiliar among people. It is a device which counts every step a person takes by detecting the motion of s person’s hip. Generally these pedometers help people to increase the physical activity and effectiveness of workout.

Pedometer – Increase The Walking Distance

If you wish to buy one it is important to know some information about it. When it comes to basic pedometer it will only calculate the number of steps that you have walked per day, while an advanced one can calculate the distance, amount of calories burnt and some pedometers comes with some tracking software that you can use on your computer.

Once you have bought one it is important to know the usage of it. There are two ways that you can wear this pedometer which can give you accurate results.  The first way is you can probably wear it on your belt, by wearing it on your belt it will calculate your hip motions and say home many steps that you have walked a day and the second option is you can wear it on your shoe. It is best to clip it right below your ankle. It is more comfortable and will give an accurate result. Some people used o carry it on their back pocket and find the position which is comfortable for you. Once you have bought a one fix a position and walk for 100 steps if the manual count and pedometer count is within 5 steps then you are in good shape.

With the help of this fitness pedometer you can gradually increase the distance that you are walking now. How could you increase the number of steps? Try to increase it by 1000 to 2000 steps per week. This will greatly help you to reduce the calories, fats and cholesterols in your body and make you fit and healthy. Once you have start working on it then you can find many innovative ways to increase the number of steps that you are walking daily.

If you in need to buy a best pedometer, it is always best to buy it online. With the advancement in technology you can get more advanced pedometer in the market. Just search as pedometers 2014 and you can get the latest model. You can find this pedometer in different size, design and the rate of accuracy. Select the one that fits you and your lifestyle. Before you are going to buy the one set your goal and they buy the product this will be more effective and will give you best result.