Whirlpool is a multinational company, which have its origin in the United State of America. It earns revenue of more than 22 billion dollars. It gives employment to more than 2 lakhs people all around the world. It is a marker of home appliances and in current days it is at number first in making home appliances. It was first started in the year 1911, at that time it was not so well set up as like now. It took a long process to reach at number one. Whirlpool entered the Indian market by late 1980.

Growth of Whirlpool

  • Starting from the year 1921 it first produces motor driven winger washer.
  • In 1947 it launched an automatic spinner type washer machine.
  • Seeing the growth by 1951 Whirlpool foundation was established.
  • By 1955 this company overtook Seeger refrigerator company, and from then steeped in to manufacture refrigerators.
  • In 1962 it won a contract by NASA and in the same year, it developed a helpline department.
  • In the year 1962, the revenue of the company increased by 2 billion dollars.
  • In 1997 it covered the major part of the leading refrigerator brand of Brazil that is Embraco.

Contribution in the economy

The annual turnover of the company is 3,488 crore. It is estimated that by the year 2020 its revenue will rise by up to 1 billion dollars. The home appliances are the demand of today’s generation. Other than whirlpool no other company recognized it. And now it is the leading brand of home appliances. After it, many other brands started manufacturing home appliances. Whirlpool had led to an increase in the GDP of America by 18%. It is also generating employment in the world.

While purchasing any refrigerator one must compare few features of it. Like

  • Price of the product.
  • Star rating of the product.
  • Holding capacity of the product.
  • Consumption of electricity by the products.

Here are the least features of few whirlpool refrigerators.

  • Whirlpool 265 liter, have a double door open system with 3-star rating. it is a frost free refrigerator and the price is 21,100.
  • Whirlpool with the pricing of 20,800 has the capacity of 240 liters and it is a triple door fridge and it rated 4 stars.
  • Whirlpool with the capacity of 570 liters has side by side door opening system. It has 4 stars rating and the price is 1, 25,000.

Here are LG refrigerator price list with its features.

  • LG signature 984, double door facility, 650-liter capacity, and 3 stars and pricing 68,500
  • LG of 931 liters, 4 stars and pricing 30,000.
  • LG door in door refrigerator with the door-in-door facility, pricing 1, 24,390 with a 4-star rating.