Obama’s Presidency saw the end of the Iraq war, Osama bin Laden’ s capture too came in as a historic moment for the Americans which took place during his tenure as the president of the United States, however with this Iran deal he has hit the bull’s eye.

The announcement came on Saturday from Geneva that Iran has agreed to withhold its nuclear plans in exchange of changes in the sanction plans. The news came as a pleasant surprise for all as Tehran considered America as “Great Satan” and making a deal with the United States of America and negotiating with the world power was definitely not thought of.

This Iran deal is one of the most prominent foreign policy victories for President Obama. This deal is the result of the President Obama’s patience and constant effort in negotiating with the Iranian Government. Obama exchanged several letters with the new president of Iran, Hassan Rouhani and exchanged telephonic conversations in order to make them come to this deal. His efforts has shown result and this deal was nailed in Geneva in the middle of the night. Before this deal was closed, several senior officials of both the country met secretly on many occasions.

One Of The Most Prominent Foreign Policy Victories For President Obama In Recent Times

Obama has declared this deal as a very important first step towards curbing the growing nuclear power of Iran. The deal limits Iran from expanding its nuclear plans and binding it to certain level. Iran has agreed to check its uranium enrichment plans and stop the work of its plutonium reactor.

To make the International community believe its peaceful intentions, they have even agreed to make them inspect the facilities of the nuclear plant and be sure of the Iran deal and part of the bargain. Obama has gotten most of the concessions from Iran which he was seeking for.

In return for the concessions made by Iran, America along with the world powers has agreed to give limited and temporary relief to Iran. Obama on Saturday announced that amount of $6 billions to $7 billions will be given as sanctions relief to Iran which is a significant amount.

However the Arab allies along with Israel is skeptical about the deal. They have their doubts about Iran as they claim will not keep their part of the bargain. Reacting to this Obama has claimed that he has his eyes open and can anytime call off the relief if Iran turns back on the deal. However if it keeps up the promise it will definitely help Tehran as well the International security.