So, you want to become a YouTube beauty video celebrity. Beauty tutorials are big business these days, with more than 1.8 million videos available on YouTube on this topic. Check out these tips for effectively staking a claim on your share of the market.

Enter an Unsaturated Beauty Niche

There are A LOT of beauty tutorials on YouTube. So, how do you stand out from the crowd and attract followers? Start by researching the most common beauty video topics. Then do something completely different.

By entering an unsaturated beauty niche, you can tap into online audiences who are eager for fresh content that matches their interests. According to The Amazing Rise of Beauty Videos, the majority of YouTube beauty videos cater to women, but grooming videos for men are on the rise. If your beauty business has a strong male clientele, this may be the video market for you.

Listen to your Followers

As your YouTube audience grows, listen to their feedback on your videos. If you’re receiving complaints about certain aspects of your videos, such as the sound quality or another feature, make the necessary changes. If you regularly receive requests for a specific video topic, add that topic to your queue. Your audience members will appreciate your listening ear and, in turn, will become more loyal to your brand.

Stand for Something

The worst mistake you can make while working towards becoming a beauty video celebrity is constantly changing your opinion on which products to use, whether you support the organic beauty industry and more. If your beauty business doesn’t yet have a list of company values and valued vendors, create those lists prior to launching your YouTube channel. By remaining consistent, your followers will trust your opinion and will view you as someone they can trust.

Keep it Simple

Unless you are specifically targeting other beauty professionals, keep your tutorials simple. The average consumer wants to watch tutorials for easy and effective beauty tips and tricks that they can incorporate into their daily routines. Also, keep your standard video length as brief as possible. Time is short and most people become bored while watching videos that are longer than a few minutes.

Craft your CTA

What action do you want viewers to take at the end of each video? They won’t know unless you tell them. Verbalize your call to action at the end of each video and also include the CTA as a linkable action when the video ends. Whether you want viewers to browse your website’s products, visit the website of your affiliate marketing partner or take another action, make your CTA clear and consistent.

Many outlets are available for you to market your beauty business, but few hold the same power as YouTube. Beauty tutorials are a natural fit for YouTube and, if strategically planned, can yield amazing results. Market your business on this video site by entering an unsaturated segment of the market, by listening to your followers and more.