Freelancing has become really popular option for anyone who wants to hire a web development professional. There are a lot of websites that allow you to hire a freelancer. You might be tempted to hire one. After all, they come cheap and there is no real investment. However, hiring a freelancer can be counterproductive at times. If you are based in London, then you have a range of different options to hire competent web development professionals locally. Here are the chief reasons why you should hire London web designers instead of a freelancer.

1. Freelancers are unreliable, Local designers can be verified

Don’t get me wrong. There are plenty of freelancers who are true to their word and perform their job professionally and in the correct manner. However, if you are a large organisation with a lot of your reputation riding on the web, hiring a freelancer might be a too much of a risk to take. Freelancers who do not have a long work history and an excellent profile might abandon your project in the middle. This, in turn will lead you and your company into serious trouble. A local web designer based on London can commit to your project and you will be able to contact him anytime you want. You can hire the web development professional after a complete background check and hence it will significantly decrease the chances of unprofessional conduct.

2. The Time Zone Problem

Those who regularly deal with freelancers know the “misery” of trying to reconcile the time zones. The time zone that is pertinent with you might not be suitable for your freelancer and vice versa. On the other hand, a local designer in London will have no problem whatsoever and will be compatible with your schedule. You can also have numerous one-on-one interactions to better understand your needs and thus serve you better. So sleep tight while your London web designers develop your professional web design.

3. The Personalized Service

Yes, that is perhaps the biggest advantage of hiring a local designer from London. Your developer or the agency will get to know you completely, observe your organisation in person and actually get to experience your product or services before they start designing your website. This is obviously not possible if you employ a freelancer. Freelancers will only know your organisation as far as the description available to them.

There are plenty of professional web designers in the United Kingdom that can deliver you the desired result. From upscale design agencies to independent London developers, you can find designers within you budget. Hiring London designers also means that they have better understanding of the local businesses and market.

Yes it might cost a few extra pounds, but if you are serious about getting up a professional website, you should go for the professional web designer. Even if you opt for freelancers, you always have the option of hiring a freelancer from London. This way, you can operate within your constraint and still get a personal touch as you can meet the freelancer personally if required. In the cut-throat market of London, a professional website can be that thin margin between failure and success.