There are some common signs that’s it’s time to upgrade your electrical system. Unless your older office building received a renovation, you likely have old wiring. Here are some of the signs that you may observe when it’s time to upgrade your old electrical wiring system.


Frequent Bulb Changes

All light bulbs should be able to last for a while. If you find yourself making frequent light bulb changes, this is likely due to the power supply fluctuating. A newer system will control the amount of power reaching devices. This could be a hazard in the making if it’s left unchecked.


Dimming Lights

Lights that dim for unknown reasons could be because your circuits can’t handle their current load. This could mean that it’s time to upgrade your electrical panel. A commercial electrician will determine the number of circuits that are required for your energy usage.


Burning Smell

A burning smell should never be emanating from your walls. This means that the wiring can’t handle your current electrical usage load. An electrical fire could be in your future if you don’t take this problem seriously. Have it checked out so that it doesn’t become a larger issue. The wires may be melting in the walls.


Not Enough Outlets

Older buildings tended to have the bare number of outlets available. This is because the code requirements have changed over the years. You may have been able to mitigate this problem by installing electrical strips behind your office equipment. Having too many devices plugged into one outlet is a recipe for a failure to occur. This could mean that your office equipment gets fried by a faulty electrical system.


Fourth of July Inside

Sparks and burned areas around your outlet and light switch covers means that you have wires that are sparking. They may spark when you turn them on or all of the time. Sometimes you may notice that your hand tingles when you use them. This means that your wiring isn’t up to the task of your electrical usage. It’s time to have it upgraded to one that’s safer for everyone.


There are other signs that it’s time to upgrade your electrical system. Don’t ignore these issues because it could mean that a disaster is on the horizon for your office building. Have an electrician come out to assess the situation. This could save you the hassle of having to deal with a bigger problem later on down the road.